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  1. Who's going ? pine crest is sending a couple of teams
  2. Luckily the King of Kansas ( Reid Waldman) lives in neither of those two places
  3. wake forest, alta, and the florida blue key are some of the easier tournaments to bid at
  4. Whose agenda do u need the focus link for
  5. Does anyone know when the 1st wave of acceptances for at larges for the TOC come out?
  6. Mountain Brook M? is 5-0 and is debating Pine Crest MR ( 4-1 ) in round 6
  7. SDI 4 week's Repko Stauss Lab is very good for sophomores.
  8. basu

    Attention: Harker

    Can I also get the cites for cards you have read in the 2AC against the Congress CP.
  9. basu

    Attention: Harker

    Can you please send me the full text for this card in your 1ac - the link has expired. thanks Public-private partnerships are critical to meaningful cooperation with India Ayres et al 9 (Alyssa, PhD, McLarty Associates, the Washington-based international strategic advisory firm, Former special assistant to the Under Secretary for Political Affairs, former deputy director of the Center for the Advanced Study of India, “Delivering on the Promise,” Asia Society Taskforce, http://www.asiasociety.org/taskforces/india09/DeliveryOnThePromise_USRelationsWithIndia.pdf). President Bush and Prime Minister Singh AND toughest issues facing the world today.
  10. basu

    FFL States

    Ft.Lauderdale RW beat Gulliver AS on a 6-1 i think the blue key remains as prestigious as ever with top notch competition and high quality judging.
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