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    I think so far outside of the box I cant see it anymore, and i cant tell if that's a good or bad thing at the moment.
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    Uhhh, GW, 2142, and talking to people i guess.
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    Why would I need one?
  1. I love the idea if you want to run T it should be the olny arguement made in round. I have done that once VS a truely untopical case and won because they were actually untopical.
  2. not saying that, but anyone who posts a "defnation" can be a valid one, there needs to be some limits set down so people dont run T every time there is a debate.
  3. theres the answer for you, NFL needs to release a set defnation people need to fall under to bed truely tpical.
  4. I have never meet a case that was "untopical" so there really is no abuse. It is run on every case in every debate, its just stupid now. However i do knwo about some really untopical cases but thoes should be where a T debate comes into play, not on a case that directly afferms the resolution.
  5. I is just sooo annoying how some will disclose there case before hand then the other side will write a T arguement for that case. Its not like there is any in round abuse. Pluse if you have sunken so low as to say there is then you need to quit debateing because most all cases that people run you see more than once and you have enought time to find evedence agenst it. everytime it is run on my I read about 4 pages on how retarded this arguement is and how the judge should vote aff on T and not negg, and I win with that.
  6. Who out there bescides me is sick of "T". To me its a novices way of getting a free win. Anyone who has a dictonary can block it. To me its just a time suck that needs to be abolished, people just run it because you cant turn it unless you read theroy. (I have won 3 rounds off that alone) PS: Sorry for all and any typos I tend to make ALOT of em.
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