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  1. Best 1A - Joe LeDuc Best 2A - Kevin Ma (Jordan's pretty good too) Best 1N - Kevin Ma Best 2N - Joe Leduc Best Team - St. Georges LN Best Negative Position - Advantage Counterplan and Politics Worst Negative Postion - T- Substantially=50% Case of the Year - Saint Georges LN's Aff Worst Case of the Year - Much love, but it's got to be Saint Georges KM's Aff with the Courts Ultimate Kritik - Schmitt Counterplan of the Year - Consult NATO Best DA - Politics Best Card - Every piece of Yoshihara evidence Worst Card - A tie between all of the one's with like 3 words in them. Fastest Debater - Leduc Most improved team - Saint Georges MV Team that will likely become great - Mead GV Most likely to take off shirt - McGiggles Judge of the Year - Paul Panel of the year - Drizzle + the married couple (Tim and Alexis) Best Run Tourney - Gonzaga Worst Run Tourney - Foley Most qualified Judging pool Tourney - Gonzaga Worst qualified Judging pool Tourney - State Most Admired coach (NOT your own) - Paul Squad of the Year (NOT your own) - Saint Georges
  2. good thing i'm not trading my file Spurly, you'd be one-uped like Mario.
  3. I was more referring to the files he's produced for high schoolers. I have no doubt he is much more successful than I am and he may very well be more intelligent, i've never met the guy. I simply doubt that his perception of this particular high school topic is correct given that he's simply using insults to indicate that I don't understand it as well as he does. Considering he hasn't even debated on it...
  4. This from the guy whose idea of innovation is a new D+G card. hmm.
  5. There's no reason to be presumptuous and rude. My argument isn't even about a research burden, it's about strategy. In a community that is getting more and more neg friendly on arguments like advantage counterplan + politics, the more generic nature of many aff impacts on the topic limits the number of affs that are strategic. I'm fairly proud of my ability to research and I think its probably a bad thing that you think you can call me slow and dumb without even presuming to know me. Disagree if you like, but don't be a dick.
  6. I certainly don't think that those arguments are illegitimate. I simply feel that they are particularly effective on this topic.
  7. Sure, i'll agree that there are a lot of theoretical affs in the sense that presence is wide open, but none of those affs are "viable" for a few reasons. A) A good deal of them aren't substantial Advantage counterplans wreck creative affs C) PICs devastate affs that might be able to give an advantage counterplan a solvency deficit. D) Aff lit is bad on the link level. Their DA's will link harder than your advantages E) Even if your aff somehow magically has good matchups against some of the above strategies, it won't have good answers to consult. There are, in my mind, around 3 exceptions to this. Generically Withdraw from Japan. Generically Withdraw from South Korea. COIN. These affs have some really really good literature on them, the size necessary to beat advantage counterplans, the coherence necessary to beat PICs.
  8. but there will be more than like 3 viable affs. This is not the case for military presence.
  9. Seriously. This from the biggest neg hack I know.
  10. Kevin and I are, but you knew that.
  11. Policy debate isn't your deal then. There isn't an ada for every activity, don't make us change because you can't keep up.
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