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    if u play guild wars, pm me. chars= "chris the hobo", "chris el hobo", "impact turn", and "my impacts outweigh"
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  1. I definitely thought Greenhill won this one.
  2. Even in death, Bin Laden still explodes our news feed.
  3. I definitely expect some people to go to the 08-09 backfiles and bring out their old Space Based Solar Power affs. Kind of related to that, Colleyville Heritage broke an Orion Project (zero-point energy) aff against me on that topic. It could also be very topical on this one as well. I kind of wish I could come back to CX for another year to debate the topic. It seems legit (damn graduation). I'm kind of worried that some people will just be annoying and pull out Ashtar or Wipe-out every round (or some other form of aliens thing). Of course, there are always those fears, which will likely not come true.
  4. Well put. I had done CX freshman through half of my junior year (when my partner quit). Since then, I've done both PF and LD. Personally, I like LD much more than PF, as I'm still a bit of a CXer at heart. However, seeing as you are also a music/drama person, I would point you towards PF. From what I've seen, the more persuasive sounding speaker tends to win the debate, even if they lose the line-by-line. Your background in the acting department could easily lead to some great successes in PF.
  5. this. Perhaps help your old team, or another. Offer to be an assistant coach. You can judge, help write blocks, and help in practice debates, while making a little bit of cash.
  6. this. And if you are worried about running out of time, work on your word economy. Especially with novices, people often tend to say more than they need to, making them redundant. If you are more efficient with what you say, you can still cover just as much while speaking more slowly. I know it hurts to "have to go slow", but trust me. everyone else has said it as well, clarity>speed.
  7. http://www.ncgolfers.com/north-carolina/366/environmental-impact-of-golf/ too lazy to cut, but it's an environment advantage. have fun.
  8. In 5A, D6, Coppell dropped out. Flower Mound Yun/Luo will be the only ones from the district.
  9. agreed. ran Japan CP last year (not consult though). Japan is fucking awesome
  10. In 5A, Flower Mound is sending our B team. I would be going, but it turns out that I'm going to be out of town. I didn't realize this until finals of districts..
  11. Bison has been really good this year.
  12. you can easily find stuff saying dems will lose midterms. There are tons of articles that say that seniors make up a disproportionate amount of voters in the midterm elections and that seniors primarily vote for Republicans.
  13. as the uniqueness shifts, i've actually started running health care bad ptx. Sure, i disagree with it, but there are some pretty fun impact scenarios for it. I personally ran health care reform destroys biotech industry
  14. I use that app for my timer, and I recommend it. It does have a CX timer and it keeps track of prep time. It also has the judge paradigms from http://judgephilosophies.wikispaces.com/ saved onto it.
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