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  1. Does anyone have any solvency evidence for hemp subsidization and how could you add the inclusion of subsidies into the plan? Would you have to amend a bill or what?
  2. Hey guys, I'm looking for an impact to the destruction of the oceans and/or ocean biodiversity. Specifically, anything on excess nitrogen/phosphorus or hypoxic "dead zones" would be great but I'll take anything. Also, if you can suggest anything about running it, that would be great too. Thanks
  3. I just thought of something. What if you fiated that the DEA would issue more permits. Thus, you're not having to "legalize" anything and you avoid the whole T issue. Or would this be better suited for CP material? Is there any solvency for this? It seems like this would work the best. Is there any problems in this that i'm missing? By the way, is there any major solvency advocate for hemp or Professor at "X" university that anybody uses? Preferably something written in the last few years. I seem to be finding credible sources barring "legalizehemp.com" and I would rather do some of my own research rather than just stumble through camp files.
  4. If your running a oil dependence advantage, how do you solve if you're still using around 80% oil? I guess my question is really why is ethanol preferable over gas? Also, and I apologize for this, how is legalizing topical even if you incentivize its production afterward? I'm not even sure if this is a legit question though because I read somewhere that it isn't technically illegal. Is it just hard to grow because of regulation?
  5. Just curious but what other off case could you run with a PP K besides T? It seems like another disad that leads to nuclear war or any other "flashpoint" would link back to the K. I mean obviously you could run it.conditionally but what would seem to go well with it?
  6. What program do you use to burn the disk image from the torrent?
  7. Hey, I will probably apply to Varsity 3 week. How are the lab leaders? Anybody in particular I should request?
  8. Okay, where would you all recomend I look? Google news? What key words should I look for? Thanks. Those were just some cards I found in a shell somewhere on my computer so they wern't that serious, just an example.
  9. How else can I answer politics DA's? Okay, so how would this theory go? Can anyone show me a shell of what this might look like? Hey, that is pretty much what it was just it involed a hilary win and I didn't understand it. I didn't think it was legit but whatever. So if the politics disad is a "bush good" Iraq da and has a link and I/L's like this: LINK: INCREASES IN AID COST POLITICAL CAPITAL Carol Lancaster2000, “Transforming Foreign Aid: United States Assistance in the 21st Century.” http://www.iie.com/publications/chapters_preview/321/3iie2911.pdf pg 10. [bhattacharjee] Few presidents during the past several decades have had much on going interest in foreign aid. In contrast to Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon, they have made few speeches on the subject or created few blue ribbon committees to study foreign and issues and make recommendations for overall program and policy changes. The overall diminishing relevance of foreign aid to the high priorities of US foreign policy partly explains this phenomenon. The view on the part of most presidential political advisors that – given the perceived public hostility to foreign aid – paying attention to aid will carry political cost for their bosses, has also led to the diminished importance of foreign aid on the national political agenda. AND, FOREIGN AID ALWAYS CAUSES CONTROVERSY THAT GETS BLAMED ON THE PRESIDENT Carol Lancaster2000, “Transforming Foreign Aid: United States Assistance in the 21st Century” http://www.iie.com/publications/chapters_preview/321/3iie2911.pdf pg12. [bhattacharjee] Second, foreign aid is a tool of US foreign policy, so when there are controversial issues involving US foreign policy, foreign aid legislation becomes a lighting rod for criticism. Such controversies can generate sharp cuts in aid levels, legislative restrictions, and outright defeat of aid bills.This was the case in the early 1970’s during the war in Indochina when the Democratic Congress refused to pass a foreign aid authorization bill to protest Nixon administration’s policies in Vietnam. This was also the case in the 1980’s, when a Democratic Congress became increasingly unhappy with the Reagan administration’s policies in Central America. And for several decades, foreign aid has been a focus of debate between pro-life and pro-choice members about abortion (because foreign aid funds family planning programs abroad). As one member of the house remarked, foreign aid “can pass if it has no single-issue red flags and if it’s supported by the president.” INTERNAL LINK: BUSH’S CAPITAL IS KEY TO STAYING THE COURSE IN IRAQ Washington Post 1/18/07 (pg. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/01/17/AR2007011701985.html) "You can only be at odds with two-thirds of the people on a limited number of issues," said Jack Quinn, who was White House counsel under President Bill Clinton. "He has his back to the wall. He really has depleted his political capital and he simply can't afford to be at odds with most of us on a number of issues. He is conserving what limited political capital he has to see through this final effort on which he's embarked in Iraq." Bush has backed off other confrontations with the new Democratic Congress as well, even as they square off over Iraq. He gave up efforts to confirm John R. Bolton to be permanent ambassador to the United Nations, offered qualified support for a Democratic move to raise the minimum wage, endorsed a Democratic goal of balancing the budget by 2012 and withdrew the nominations of four would-be judges bitterly opposed by Democrats. Would a plan is flip flop card mean Bush would not use political capital and not get blamed? Would this turn the DA? If I did run this, what else could I put on the flow? Just more NU's? What should I do to update politics files? Any tips? If I did it thru the executive branch, would that link to more Bush DA's but avoid congress politics?
  10. I have heard the Chinese wanted to tap into this as well. EDIT: Sorry, I was talking about radioactive Helium 3 isotopes on the moon not solar power. EDIT 2: This would be a cool aff for next year. Here is a link talking about a byproduct free nuclear reation.http://fti.neep.wisc.edu/presentations/glk_isdc.pdf
  11. Where can I get a copy of this theory? Does it deal with the whole should vs would thing and is it set up like other theory (conditionality bad, etc)? I heard a varsity round where it went something like(can't exactly remember): hilary will win in a year and pass some policy-->plan causes support for GOP-->GOP win bad, dem key to x policy-->not passing bad for econ-->extinction. Is this similar to politics? Is it legit to claim stuff like hilary will win in a year? Also, I have read some people will perm the intrinsically the DA to check links like this. Is that legit or a good strat? I run landmines and I was looking thru the a2 politics cards and they say stuff like "Plan is a flip flop". Is this like the disad won't work because Bush will not support the plan b/c he has not before or lose political capital? Also, how could I enact my plan thru the bureacracy and not the legislature? Doesn't bureacracy=legislature? Ok, that makes sense. However, why would my plan uniquely link though, why wouldn't other more recent legislature tip cause the impacts? Is this why there is frequent politics updates (what should you look for to research)? Also, what politics senario would you all recomend for me to start running in J.V.?
  12. I am fairly new to debate (just started JV) and think I understand the concept of politics DA's but am having trouble coming up with answers to them. My coach is new to debate and I probably know more than he does (which isn't saying much), so he isn't sure either. Thus I turn to you guys So, basically, I want to know what to do against these and what to put in my blocks. I have heard of people making politics updates, so I wold like to know what this involves too. Some judges suggested at the last tournament to block out some "Bush good/bad" DA's but that is about it. Do most involve Bush taking credit for the plan and being able to do X bad thing? What other politics senarios exist? I know others exist but don't exactly what everyone else is running. Also, what are some good genaric politics DA's that I can start running to figure this thing out for JV? I did a search but couldn't find anything conclusive so I appoligize in advance for any ignorance.
  13. Is this enough to take out the water aff? I thought most plans called for billions not a tiny 125 mil...
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