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  1. Ya--El Paso is pretty far away from East Texas. I'm not sure about Dallas schools, but I know Kinkaid and probably other Houston teams fly in.
  2. International Perspective puts out numerous articles on capitalism, so there probably isn't a "single International Perspective impact". But, there is one that is most commonly run with the cap k (http://www.geocities.com/wageslavex/capandgen.html). The article focuses mostly on how capitalism establishes the conditions of disposability and careless extermination, which make war and genocide inevitable. Mostly people use it as a "war impact", although I guess the arguments about extermination could be connected to ideas of Heidegger's notion of the standing reserve and Foucault's ideas of docile bodies.
  3. i left on sunday afternoon. i only recorded 1 1/2 rounds due to inconveniences with the camera and bad battery life.
  4. I would be interested for an explanation on Kant and Hegel. Also Judith Butler, Derrida, and Deleuze/Guattari. Thanks
  5. hey, how'd ya'll do?

  6. from what i heard, grapevine ran their new critical aff with environmental ethics. kinkaid went for an oil subsidies cp (not sure about the net benefit, possibly trade). grapevine went for security and environmental levinas ethics stuff. that's just stuff that i've heard.
  7. westlake went for cap - won a 2-1
  8. kinkaid sk won on the aff austin sfa was neg and 2NR was a PIC out of "the" with some type of a geopower net benefit
  9. hey can yall email me the cite to the 1ac baudrillard card you read in the 1ac in doubles at lex rcbaldwin11@gmail.com thanks
  10. what happened to kinkaid ks?
  11. haha yeah I searched for 'debate' and I eventually found this website...its pretty awesome

  12. It's zach, the novice

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