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  2. Thread turned exactly into the unproductive mess i warned about. Awesome.
  3. Just my two cents 1) I honestly don't think this is about the specific infraction Enter. I see what you're saying and it's common for people to have a tendency to take these sort of situations personal. I honestly don't think it is. Sure Ninja is giving the infractions (although debatable within Mods Only, or if the need be in Feedback or Complain) but it extends further from that now. Ninja has given others out based on the premise of "unconstructive" commentary and what not. It's obviously base more on what he sees the website becoming, and the double standards he sees within the older members and moderators. You're a victim of reactionary reasoning. Goes for you too Screech. I think his actions and feelings about mod powers makes it clear he's not too thrilled about the site in general. 2) I think instead of debating about the infractions themselves, and Ninja's obvious quarrel with the rules of the website regulations and rule set, we need to talk about what constitutes infractions and discipline, what significance an infraction and other moderator devices have, and what and where the boundaries are within the infraction and warning system. Issues are present that with the new ownership can hopefully be settled for the betterment of the site. A lot of people are becoming deterred from site for it's streak of "unseriousness" for lack of a better word. I mean, McNinja may not be using the issue effectively, but there is a sufficient double standard within the hierarchy of the site that isn't too healthy, and sometimes, Misc just needs to stay in Misc 3) What should we do about it then? Although banning should stay within the limits of power to the reigning super mod and the Admins, i think new quality control tests and regulations are in order. Maybe a revamp or custom reputation and title system that not necessarily "shit lists bad users" but maybe makes regulation easier (no images, forum restriction, post number restriction, etc.(and maybe that means an end to happy-fun-time, so be it)) Maybe that system can be implemented more effectively as part of a new infraction/warning system. It's there, it just needs a bit more work is all. But most importantly, there are a whole lot of actions that are not smart on both sides, but instead of triggering this infighting and bickering, we can get to issues at hand.
  4. Uh, i think thats the REASON he's doing it. He's trying to point out a flaw within the moderation system. Ross, i would recommend checking out the infraction threads in the forum, he's trying to make a point.
  5. Actually, you bring up a good point. There was supposed to be a third arm of the film about Eagle Academy in the NE. The youtube channal had previews of them and everything at North Eastern and City tournaments, whatever happened to that?
  6. Awwwww yeah haven't seen this thread in a while. Where are my MadVilliain fans at? Next album's gonna be SO hot. Paper Mills - Leaked as part of some AS Bump promo fest. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Kmd9SxV6A8 AVALANCHE/VICTORY LAP - Peanut Butter has already put it out on a stones throw mix tape, but if the the album does what this track does, i'm BUYING it on the first day. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YTSgb5H7-I Wiki page says it's suppose to drop this year. I am so excited.
  7. All these generalizations aren't healthy. I'm sure there are specific rural communities in places like...idk New York that share the same views. These sorts of things are often based on socio-economic and political/historical settings, not red state/blue state. Just turns out the historical heritage of Texas and such, plus it's significantly conservative grown upper class it exhibits more of these things.
  8. Not every psychoanalytical movie needs to be turned into critical literature. LOOKING AT YOU ZIZEK.
  9. Tab should also be aware when the judge is part of one of the debater's nuclear family. So much screwed up stuff there
  10. I personally think a student should choose the language they wish to learn. Prioritizing Arabic over others as if it's more important is somewhat messed up, but in the same way making Italian mandatory while limiting kids from learning Arabic would be. I can kinda see why prioritizing our own language and culture is a good idea, but mandating a specific cultural study otherwise without choice is a bit weird. But alas, it'd just turn into a "DEM T'RRITS" scenario rather than a discussion about cultural studies in the abstract.
  11. Wouldn't understanding Arabic be an effective way of combating terrorism under these people's racial assumptions? They can't even get their own ignorance right.
  12. Use the second's kidney's as a matching pair of mittens
  13. Closest effect i can think of is any Israel expansion in the region, but that is a far stretch.It's more about our overall global strategy and diplomacy than a specific country or anything.
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