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  1. perhaps because all the money that goes into tournament registration, airfare, food, coaching, laptops, etc. leaves little room for fancy video cameras? I don't think intelligence has much to do with it
  2. GDS HS is 5-0 Menlo-Atherton RR is 4-1 Menlo-Atherton BC is 3-2
  3. RAWR DINOSAWRfdhdfsfsdhkjvcxbcxjpwieruiofkeys



  4. Anyone flying in from and/or out to the west coast: please message me and tell me how you plan on coordinating your trip. The transportation section of the information packet makes it seem impossible, and my mom is threatening not to let me go if I can't figure it out.
  5. According to the DDI website, "applicants will receive notice regarding their admission by US mail, sent no later than May 16, 2009." For more info: http://debate.dartmouth.edu/Workshops/ddi.php#Applications
  6. Swallow Me Whole by Nate Powell Not sure how similar the style or content are to what you've read cause I don't read graphic novels much, but it's still fantastic
  7. I keep reading this thread title as "selfish" Regardless, I'll continue to enjoy lobster. Mmmm selfish pain.
  8. These threads always end well...
  9. do we know when apps are going to be up, or are they already and I'm looking at the wrong site? edit: never mind, found it
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