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  1. Hi all interested Columbia applicants, I am sorry to report that, as far as I know, there is no longer a policy debate team at Columbia. The team died out when I was there, and I've since moved away from New York City. If you want to get involved with policy debate, I strongly recommend contacting NYU's policy debate team. If you want to debate at Columbia, the parliamentary debate team has some pretty cool people, including some former policy debaters. I've removed my personal email from the first post since I am no longer connected to Columbia except as an alum. Sorry all, Jake
  2. Hey all, Early Decision is coming up soon and I want to encourage people to look into debating for Columbia University for the next four years. I don't think I need to go into detail about how great New York City is and how highly-regarded Columbia is in all fields of study. However, perhaps more relevant to debate, the New York City area is one of the most underrated places to have a debate experience. Not just are there countless internships, jobs, and opportunities stemming from having a debate background, we are within just a few bus/train hours of major tournaments at Harvard, West Point, Wake Forest, and Kentucky. We also host our own round robin the last weekend in January. Because the team is small, the adage that "you get back what you put in" is especially true. Teams from Columbia have cleared at CEDA multiple times and we just qualified our first team in the school's history to the NDT last year. There are many opportunities to compete as a freshman at major tournaments and to stand out at a school that values smart debate and a closely-knit team. If you have any questions about debate, admission, academics, or New York City itself, email me at _. Best wishes during this busy time of year, Jake
  3. go Mario and Andrew - off to the TOC and just barely november.
  4. fuck facebook. and besides alta, probably no circuit tournaments. i didn't have money to go to camp and so i really don't have money to travel.
  5. i am sorry if my comments seemed like i was putting the value down of nfl nats, i am just as happy as anybody that roho got to sems this year at nfls.
  6. or the farmhand's toc...but around here just the poor man's.
  7. i think that the state of utah debate will improve because the local competition has more infrastructural support; when competition gets tougher, the rest of utah debate gets better. in addition, utah debaters are going other places than SCFI for camp; the variety allows for a more competitive environment as more ideas are brought into the round from other places rather than bingham/roho. unfortunately, northern utah continues to be a structural blackhole for policy debate, as davis/logan/skyview/viewmont/syracuse are all under increased pressure to perform better with a lot less competitive experience and even less good coaching. also, Davis has a president next year that's never placed at a tournament before and only competes in impromptu in response to another post by Hayden.
  8. once again though, it comes down to money. if you don't have money for coaching, you need the money to compete on the national level, travel, etc. without that type of experience, any prep you put into debate goes to waste if you get outmatched by teams who do shit you've never seen before, or actually run good arguments.
  9. money. blows. dick. end of discussion
  10. as long as i can raise the funds i bet i'm going to SCFI scholars. and i'm assuming i'm going to get fired because of debate sooner or later anyway.
  11. i may not go at all - my family does not support my debating financially due to lack of funds and i have zero dollars saved up and a job where if i take anymore time off than 2 weeks, 1 1/2 of which are for a required family reunion, i get fired. also, lack of money. debate is fucking expensive
  12. this is jake from Davis, and i'm not sure yet if i'm going to scholars.
  13. tomorrow is a Friday.... (ominous music plays in background)
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