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  1. Mike1669


    I hear that Wake Forest is going no paper ev this year.
  2. Theory: The disad (politics) is intrinsic and fails to present a relevant opportunity cost to the plan...i heard this a lot at camp. Isn't a politics disad a direct opportunity cost to plan?
  3. we fucking dropped that round somehow btw.
  4. Speaking of illegit rounds... we debated Hillcrest in prelims...8 minutes of inherency and solvency turns in the 2NC...plus they extended and expanded all their off-case in the 1NR. The worst of it was that the judge wasn't cool w/ speed, but with 8 minutes of new shit in the block plus the ongoing off-case debate my 1AR had to be 5 minutes of spreading. We still lost somehow after 1. strait turning all of their off-case 2. Having them 3 carded on the solvency flow 3. winning inherency (i've seriously never been in an inherency debate before this tournament, i can't believe someone actually had the balls...or stupidity to run it) 3. their poor analysis in the 2NR. 4. Them having no relevent fucking impacts Fuck eastern idaho judges and fuck eastern idaho debate style, theres a reason the rest of idaho, and the rest of the country for that matter evolved from this 60's bullshit.
  6. Mike1669


    I've won a couple of aff debates on perm do the counterplan, but I'm not exactly sure why. Usually i just add it in my 2AC, even if its not in my block, at the suggestion of some more advanced people i know. More often then not it simply goes dropped. so the 1AR on cp usually goes something like, they dropped perm do the counterplan, game over, by conceding this they concede that cp is not compedative because perms are a test of the competition. The question is whether or not this is legit. Because wouldn't perm do the counterplan be a concession by the aff that the neg does indeed provide the better policy option? even if perms are just a test of the competition? Also, how would i answer perm do the cp if i was on the neg.
  7. What is the role of the ballot? specifically in the context of framework when debating kritikal theory.
  8. because google video is just loaded with nasty things. lol. no, really, it's a thought provoking movie, and what else would you be doing anyways?
  9. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7065205277695921912
  10. me: (1ar, we were running bioterror) "the standards of this t are outrageous, we meet their interpretation anyways because we stop terrorists from spreading weaponized gonorrhea by rubbing it on people, i think that constitutes the standards for the defense of public health!" judge on ballot: in the entire judges comment area on the ballot he drew a wanted poster of a terrorist......"wanted for spreading weaponized gonorrhea by rubbing it on people.
  11. So ive gotten ahold of this aspec file. It has the shell and answers to just about every possible agrument against aspec in it, from infinately regressive to cx checks, the list goes on, there was one argument on there that im not sure what it means. Its called multiactor fiat legitimate. i understand fiat, and i understand multiactor, but when u put it together im not sure of what argument you can pull from it.
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