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  1. ...yeah if you have any, plz reply ^^ thx~ *edit- the title thingy should read softpower advantage cps plz thx ^^*
  2. anybody who has the above, could you please post them here? thanx ^-^
  3. I've heard that he has written an article titled "Assimilation of Difference" but i can't seem to find it anywhere. If someone has it, could you link /send it to me? thank you!
  4. i'm cutting one, but can't seem to find anything from this year. i know it was run this year, so plz pm me if you have an old states cp that you can send me. Also, if there are any cards/articles pertaining to states alternative energy incentives solvency, please post them here and/or link me. Thanks!
  5. does anyone have camp files of the following- Iraq ptx da A2:iraq ptx da impax 2 global gag rule fta bad if u do have them, plz send them or link me thx in advance ^-^
  6. Ive heard about some of these affs, when they send to somaliland with some us-somaliland advantage, but has anyone faced them? Do you have any ideas about what to run against them?
  7. Hi- I have a new assignment, but can't seem to find a few cards that I need. If someone has a card that says Bush gets credit for the foreign aid he sends, could you send me the cite/link? Also, I need a card that says when ppl do something popular, ppl vote for them. Thanks-
  8. I've been looking into cases with country specific NGOs, and was wondering about what I could do against them. The varsities have suggested PICs, but I'm not sure about how to PIC out of just one country. Please help?
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