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  1. Good point, Tim---I mean Willy! Word choice is important when dealing on such a forum. You want to make sure your message is received in the manner in which you intended. It's generally not a good idea to call out a judge in such a public manner. If you have questions specific to a round or a judge's paradigm, might I suggest talking to the individual in question? I encourage my kids to do so in a non-confrontational manner. It's all about perspective and gaining understanding.
  2. Ian, As a coach for another school, I was disappointed when I heard how the round went. You know that you are a top debater in the state and that all of the teams have aimed at you all season. You're like the fish that people have spent 20 years trying to catch. When the other teams go against you and David or whoever you're debating with, it gives another chance to possibly beat you for bragging rights and let's not forget the sanctity of the education of debate that you often bring up in rounds. You cheated the scrubs out of both. I would say that since they had the maturity to respect the activity they have earned the > for now. I'm with Royers. We have all cheered for you and will continue to do so, but sometimes you don't make it easy.
  3. Good luck, David and Ian! Do us all proud!
  4. I actually have the dvds, so that makes sense! Nice!
  5. Ha!! I HAVE to hear this story! Dana, you are such a big kid!
  6. I've been hiding out getting ready for this monster tourney! UGH!
  7. I do! Respond to my email and I'll hire you as a tournament judge.
  8. Drat!!!! Excellent showing, guys! You're getting closer to the bid.
  9. Damn!!!! Way to get that far though. You know you'll get it soon.
  10. Drat! Now whatever will I do to come out of my coma!
  11. Does anyone know how to register for this tournament? Also, what are the specifics of the schedule, etc.? Thanks for any information.
  12. At this point, Westside is planning on attending KCKCC.
  13. Wow....well, great job. Look out Olathe!
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