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  1. clarkgagag

    2011 UIL State

    Bay City: Junior/Senior Lamar Consolidated: Senior/Senior
  2. clarkgagag

    2011 UIL State

    I think it actually is true, based on the tournaments they have attended it makes sense. (Its also written on the bottom of their 1ac... lol) A good team though, they should do well.
  3. clarkgagag

    2011 UIL State

    It seems like every year I end up picking Crosby. If i had to pick a wild card team for 4A I would pick the LBJ girls. They've done pretty well, and have excellent coaching.
  4. So, im changing up my 1ac a bit for a very traditional tournament. From experience I know the circuit is big on planking out the plan text, which most of the country sees as super old school. Does anyone know what the formula for planking a plan text is? Thanks
  5. Two simple requests, 1. Can someone please invite me to the UTNIF dropbox from this year Clarkgagag1@aol.com 2. Does anyone have the UTNIF 2007 heg file? My internet is being slow and it would take an hour to go through the whole files from that year. Thanks
  6. clarkgagag


    Just to add a few: DA: PTX Financial Reform, PTX DADT (Dont ask dont tell) CP: Free Market/ Ban SS, Universal (Give ss to all people) T: Social Serivce Affs: Block Grants, Green Jobs, Military Affs, Immigration Reform, Lots of supreme court cases
  7. Two from this year, ironically on both sides of cap Quarters first tournament of the year, I got a bit lost and read my cap blocks against the coercion k. so basically: 1nc: Cap bad 2ac: No, Cap is TERRIBLE Yeah, we lost that one on coercion Then one round at state this year, we ran a cap k: CX: Partner: So, in order for the perm to solve, wouldnt you have to stop using laptops? me: (Palm to face) Opponent: Dude, look behind you, your partner is one one right now.
  8. why would hallsville debate the final round? Just curious Congrats to Both Dulles and Hallsville though
  9. congrats to kevin, perfect speaks all the way, thats impressive. Congrats to all the teams that broke.
  10. No thorndale? What happened with them?
  11. Congrats to Kinkaid. Very diserving of the second bid.
  12. Yep, unfortunatly for bellaire, they only went 3 rounds, so they didnt get a chance to break a new aff, but that puts them in a good place to break it at tfa
  13. This should be a really good year for 4 and 5 a. 4A, a Crosby V Hallsville Final would be very interesting, both enjoyed success at the Baylor rr. 5A, I could easily see a Bellaire lq (who i feel is out for vengance after nats qualls) v. Dulles Final (although i feel they would do better if saad was with kevin, but they will still do great)
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