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  1. Slite89

    2011 TOC

    did anyone watch or know what happened in the kinkaid/beacon or st marks/pembroke debates?
  2. st. marks def. pembroke on a 3-0. congrats, guys. what a run.
  3. Slite89

    e-mo districts

    is the parkway central team du/gururaj?
  4. you make my heart skip a beat............. also ur hot also hi trey
  5. speakers: 5. thomas hodgman, pembroke hill
  6. word on the street is that sieggy is the man.
  7. does anyone know the dates for this tournament?
  8. who are the undefeated teams?
  9. i'm pretty sure sdi put one out this year, if you want to look at some free cards.
  10. the two ladue teams are out. parkview is still in.
  11. ladue and cassville submitted, too.
  12. i received rep for this telling me that damien eg, damien vb, and damien fm qualified out of whatever district they're in.
  13. Slite89

    Missouri at CFLs

    greenwood lab as second seed. what beasts.
  14. Slite89


    look at westminster js's aff (from last year) on the wiki. http://debatecoaches.org/wiki/index.php?title=2008-2009_Westminster_Schools_%28GA%29_-_Rajesh_Jegadeesh_%26_Anshu_Sathian
  15. Slite89

    link turns

    unless you win that your link turn then functions as defense reducing the risk of the disad to 0. example: neg - plan spends money, collapsing the economy and leading to war aff - plan saves money what would constitute a straight link turn with the addition of a non-unique argument, in this instance, can become terminal defense on the link. if aff wins the direction of the link without a non-unique, then it simply reduces the risk of economic collapse to 0. note that this assumes your judge buys terminal defense. if not, then the argument is defensive but there's still only a risk of a link.
  16. i'm at least happy to say that many missouri debaters have transitioned to no (or at least less) new in the two.
  17. i don't think any of them have cross-x accounts (at least not as far as i know). allison does, but i'm not sure how often she checks it. it'd probably be a better bet to email allison or kane directly.
  18. my bad, didn't know that. between zach and b.i., i'd expect zach to be the one to volunteer to go to state.
  19. the district i'm in: parkway south david collier/hongbo liang jeff city richardson/crossnoe ? pattonville allan rassoollkhani/kirsten gindler edit: recent development: i can't go.
  20. april 23-24 team/case list follows. results in here, too. TEAMS: OZARKS: Greenwood: Anne Russel - Myra Milam : read IMD Exclusion at Pattonville Logan-Rogersville: Jeff Bess - Sam Brady : NCLB Reform, STEM, Katrina Parkview: Ben Campbell - Thomas Andrews : TRIO/GEAR UP, New Central: Sexy Bennicoff-Yundt - Brittany Donnelan : SHOW-ME: Lee Summit West: Chang - Kim Blue Springs: Dollar - Wight Pembroke Hill: Brad Bolman - Isaac Alpert Thomas Hodgman - Peter Vale EAST MISSOURI: Parkway South: David Collier - Hongbo Liang Jeff City: Richardson - Crossnoe : have read LSC all year ? Pattonville: Allan Rassoollkhani - Kirsten Gindler : read Food Stamps at districts Neosho area (?): Webb City: Blake James - Preston Reynolds : Re-define poverty line, Narratives, Green Jobs Heart of America (?): Oak Park: Carly Evans - Brandon Wood : read something along the lines of this at chrisman. Savannah: Luke Bishop - Ben Vega Liberty: Potter - Wright
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