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  1. Slite89

    2011 TOC

    did anyone watch or know what happened in the kinkaid/beacon or st marks/pembroke debates?
  2. st. marks def. pembroke on a 3-0. congrats, guys. what a run.
  3. Slite89

    e-mo districts

    is the parkway central team du/gururaj?
  4. you make my heart skip a beat............. also ur hot also hi trey
  5. speakers: 5. thomas hodgman, pembroke hill
  6. word on the street is that sieggy is the man.
  7. does anyone know the dates for this tournament?
  8. who are the undefeated teams?
  9. i'm pretty sure sdi put one out this year, if you want to look at some free cards.
  10. the two ladue teams are out. parkview is still in.
  11. ladue and cassville submitted, too.
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