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  1. What is the plumpy nut case and where can i get the neg?? THX
  2. does anyone have the neg for the immunization aff? THX Lots to trade
  3. does any one have the neg to medical mary jane?? THX lots to trade
  4. apache5588

    [AFF] Landmines

    Well our landmines case we cut as good as we could get. The T I'm not to worried cause we have some really good blocks. We also don't use mice... we use actual technology. We save lives and at the same time we help our readiness.
  5. apache5588

    [AFF] Landmines

    My partner and I are running the landmines aff case. We are getting ready for a really big debate weekend. If you guys could help me buy telling me what you would run against the landmines case that would be awesome. THX a bunch
  6. On the small arms case, it states that the US is going to send military to take away the guns in africa to reduce the gun violence. What type of off case arguments would you run??
  7. by any chance does any one have the oil Da or any other good DA?? I've got lots of evidence to trade THX
  8. I have it but do you have anything else than gag rule???
  9. apache5588


    On any cards you can't find, try planetdebate.com you can search for cards and articles there
  10. Thx for the pointer but i wanted to see if there was any neg out there
  11. Look, i just need some evidence, i know its a stupid DA but i need evidence to beat it. So if you dont want to help me thats fine
  12. I totally agree with you but the guys running it know how to make it sound like it could actually happen
  13. yes I completly agree with you... I just need some answers to it.
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