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  1. Slayerray7

    NBA Playoffs

    Not at all, Sun vs. Celtics would've been a fail.
  2. Slayerray7

    NBA Playoffs

    i called this a while back but i'm posting it now... Lakers vs Magic again
  3. I don't watch tv near as much as I use to but is anyone else following the boondocks? This season has relatively disappointed me.
  4. Wiz Khalifa- All of the Kush and Oj mixtape, getting high before graduation!
  5. Some of them on there are fact, but others can't be due to my lack of omnipotence.
  6. Slayerray7


    BUMP, his new album is crazy popular over here.
  7. Oklahoma has it, now we do too: This is for the past year Best judge: Peerbolte Best coach: Idk... Best overall squad: squad? B-ville? since central isn't really a team Best overall team: Don/Mike Best team as the affirmative: Kieklak/Cameron Best team as the negative: Jay/Blake Best critical debater: Mike Best straight-up policy debater: Sarah (since she's the only one) Most persuasive speaker: Billy Hupp Fastest debater: Mike Best T debater: Whoever says RVI, prolly Dawkins Best 2AR: Billy- Bville finals Best 1AR: Layne Kirshon Best 2NR: see 1AR Best debater overall: Mike Nicest team: Stothers/Marchbank Nicest debater: Mike Funniest debater: Don Most fun debater to judge/watch: Kellycooper Rookie team of the year: Any b-ville novice team Most underrated team: Hallam/Terry Most underrated debater: Lil Dawkins Most persistent team: Hall squad Most persistent debater: Ryan Graham Most improved debater: Kremin Most improved team: Jay and Blake Longest 1AC of the year: ROSS (37 pages) Best in-round event/moment: B-ville finals or TOC semis throwing wallets away Freshman to look out for: Kellycooper Best Sophomore to look out for: Danny Best Junior to watch out for: Mike Best Senior that will prolly flunk and be back next yr to watch out for: Jay Withers
  8. Bronx Science ME Carrollton DG Chattahoochee CR Glenbrook North MP Glenbrook North SS Glenbrook South TD Kinkaid KB Lexington VE McDonogh RB New Trier SC Rowland Hall AF St. Paul Central QJ St. Mark's MB Westminster TA Whitney Young HG Woodward PP Only matchup known is Hooch (Aff) vs Westminster
  9. there are 3 5-0 teams, they seem to all be hitting 4-1 teams
  10. Are they power protecting the 5-0's this round?
  11. UGA or Sebastian County (the weekend before)
  12. Mountain Brook ST (Flip) New Trier BK Pierce, Jo Platt, Jus Tallungan, Nicolet JM (Flip) Coppell LR Patel, Dee Rutkowska, Stafford, Pace Academy CS (Flip) Notre Dame CA CK Miller, Br Serrano, N Mithani, F Gulliver Prep MZ (Aff) Pace Academy EK Schoeneman Coyle, Aid Lind, Bret
  13. Montgomery Bell CH (Aff) Blake MM Meyers, Da Schmitz, M Murray, An Chicago Lab HR (Flip) Churchill BL Malik, Neh Skeean, Om Thomas, Aa Edina DS (Flip) Whitney Young MN Holmes, Ro Vinson, Aa Vangen, Ma Greenhill GN (Flip) Westminster SW Kaplan, La Ramsey, Ni Noethe, Br Homewood-Flossmoor GS (Flip) Colleyville Heritage CH Jackson, T Powell, Ed Sprouse, W Kinkaid DS (Flip) Kent Denver MT Johnson, M Hall, Jef Ho, Kevin Kinkaid FR (Flip) Georgetown Day KL Bernick, V Dietrich, Williams, Westminster KX (Aff) Maine East ShSt Vance, Emm Halbert, C Zeitlin, M
  14. Finals: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCAam2eKeh8
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