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  1. Drew2010

    UIL State 2014

    Oops. Clifton KM v Houston HW and Clifton DN v Mildred DS. Semis teams Salado Mildred Houston Abernathy 3A Chapel Hill AF North Lamar EP Wimberly HI Athens MM
  2. Drew2010

    UIL State 2014

    3A Chapel Hill AF v Aubrey DT Princeton BB v North Lamar EP Crandall PP v Athens MM La Vernia HM v Wimberly HI 2A Salado v Holliday GT Clifton DN v Mildred DS Houston HW v Clifton DN Godley IW v Abernathy KV
  3. Drew2010

    UIL State 2014

    Anyone have any results/speaks for teams in 2-3A? Specifically anyone know who the bottom seed is in 2A?
  4. Drew2010

    UIL State 2014

    3A list Athens mm Aubrey dt Big spring gr Bridge city cu Crandall pp Glen rose bd Huffman hadgrave cm La grange cv Lavernia hm Lampasas de North lamar ep North lamar Mg Princeton bb Tyler chapel hill af Winberly bf Wimberly hi 1A list (missing one) Gail Bordon County MM Lindsey MS Lometa PW Miles CH New Deal FN Panhandle RS Port Aransas FuM Sabine Pass GB Saratoga West Hardin LM Sudan HM Thorndale CJ Three Rivers GS Timpson AH Whiteface PS Whitharral AA
  5. Drew2010

    UIL State 2014

    3A Postings for Rounds 1-3. Sorry about the formatting Round 1 Aff Neg Aubrey DT Burkburnett LR Center GS Bridge City CU China Spring OW La Vernia JW Clint Mountain View GS Crandall RT College Station MS Needville PP Dalhart BG Gainsville HM Devine WR Huffman Hargrave CM Ferris GH La Grange GH Glen Rose BD Tyler Chapel Hill CT Graham CL Aubrey BS Houston Yates TW Big Spring GR Huffman Hargrave AC Wimberly HI La Grange KV Athens EG La Vernia HM Fairfield CF Lampassas BH Athens MM Lubbock Cooper AG Carthage MR Melissa GO Fairfield MS Navasota AO BYE Orangefield GO Decatur DT North Lamar EP Lampasas SW North Lamar MG Amarillo River Road AL Princeton BB Big Spring MR Tyler Chapel Hill AF Clint Mountain View CH Uplift North Hills HW Andrews NS West Columbia BM Alvarado FU West Columbia MG Carrizo Springs DH Wharton GP Crandall PP Wimberley BF Waco Connally GT Round 2 Aff Neg Alvarado FU Princeton BB Amarillo River Road AL Melissa GO Andrews NS Devine WR Athens EG Orangefield CG Athens MM College Station MS Aubrey BS Huffman Hargrave AC Big Spring GR Ferris GH Big Spring MR West Columbia BM Bridge City CU Dalhart BG Burkburnett LR Wimberly BF Carrizo Springs DH Clint Mountain View GS Carthage MR Wharton GP Clint Mountain View CH La Grange KV Crandall PP Lubbock Cooper AG Crandall RT West Columbia MG Decatur DT North Lamar EP Fairfield CF BYE Fairfield MS North Lamar MG Gainesville HM Center GS Huffman Hargrave CM Uplift North Hills HW La Grange GH Houston Yates TW La Vernia JW Glen Rose BD Lampasas SW La Vernia HM Navasota AO Tyler Chapel Hill AF Needville PP Lampasas BH Tyler Chapel Hill CT China Spring OW Waco Connally GT Aubrey DT Wimberly HI Graham CL Round 3 Aff Neg Alvarado FU Athens EG Athens MM Crandall RT Aubrey DT Andrews NS Big Spring GR Gainesville HM Bridge City CU Aubrey BS Carthage MR Carrizo Springs DH China Spring OW La Grange GH Clint Mountain View CH Burkburnett LR Dalhart BG Amarillo River Road AL Devine WR Center GS Fairfield MS Houston Yates TW Glen Rose BD North Lamar MG Graham CL Ferris GH Huffman Hargrave AC Uplift North Hills HW Huffman Hargrave CM Crandall PP La Grange KV Clint Mountain View GS La Vernia HM Lubbock Cooper AG La Vernia JW Wharton GP Lampasas BH Waco Connally GT Lampasas SW Fairfield CF Melissa GO Decatur DT Navasota AO Wimberly BF Orangefield CG West Columbia MG North Lamar EP Wimberly HI Princeton BB Needville PP Tyler Chapel Hill AF Big Spring MR Tyler Chapel Hill CT College Station MS West Columbia BM BYE
  6. Drew2010

    UIL State 2014

    So the goal was to post pairings on here, but apparently I am not authorized to share photos and I'm unwilling to type up all the pairings. All I know is, Round 3 is about to start.
  7. Drew2010

    UIL State 2014

    I thought we should have a separate thread than the "predictions" one for Results/Breaks, etc. Round one is going on now.
  8. Does anyone have some probability good evidence or know where I can find it? Basically looking for anything that says probability is most important (I have all the theoretical arguments fine, just looking for evidence).
  9. Finals of Policy is usually at 12:30pm host time (CST). There is a live stream here. It's GBS vs GBN. It will be slow. They always go slow at NFLs. They play to win.
  10. Any idea when the first email will be sent out?
  11. Drew2010

    Uil State

    I know Wakeland is aff in their round and Hendrickson is aff in theirs too.
  12. Drew2010

    Uil State

    4A Quarters: Austin LBJ HS v Hallsville BD Crosby GL v Ennis AB Whitehouse CF v Frisco Wakeland DF Wylie QL v Montgomery KM
  13. Drew2010

    Uil State

    Hendrickson is the top seed. I'm judging octs between Midway CS and Kingwood AD now. Midway is affirmative. 1AC is about to begin. I'll post pairings after the round when I get them.
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