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  1. Goodbye guys. I loved seeing all of you and I wish I could have stayed longer. I really missed this place and the people in it. I love you all. <3Until we meet again, stay gold. Bang...

  2. If anyone wants to see me before I leave I've got about 10 more hours in smithville. Hit me up.

  3. Elmo needs a lemonade!

  4. Did you even for a second hesitate in the doorway?It's just something that I'd like to know, though I'd still love you if you told me that you just walked away.

  5. Guilty meI treated you like shitAnd you were all I ever wanted in meI owe you it tooBecause I miss my last chance to sayThat I love you

  6. Eastpak Antidote tour: y u no in America? :(

  7. Hundredth and In the Midst of Lions were fuckin sick \m/ Thieves on Saturday.

  8. I can't scream enough to hold your attention

  9. You let your doubt lead you on like a river and it lead you on and on and on and you'll never get back

  10. Sleep soon. Show at the White Rabbit tomorrow with some cool niggas. Hundredth, For the Fallen Dreams, In the Midst of Lions, Betrayal, Bury Your Dead, Thick As Blood.

  11. Using grimy black talons they disfigure my face, please god I pray: send your eagle this way

  12. Buried in the sand, right next to your longing to be accepted,lies your once existent strive to differ.(Fading with the tides) We are waiting to falter(Fading with the tides) Forever to be forgotten.

  13. New An Obscure Signal is fucking good.

  14. Watching Luke write music [:

  15. Mr. Johnson quit. Interviews for a new coach will be happening at some point. Rejoice: the program can live again.Luke SteinerColin DaileyMason MorrisNolan Powell

  16. Time and time again this ship has sailed. And time and time again this attempt has failed.

  17. Fuck ba'aw threads man.

  18. Thick as thieves forever \m/

  19. Level 5: I already have Brotherhood power armor. Hey Fallout 3, amidoinitrite?Dylan Hines

  20. I must construct additional RAM/pylons.

  21. It really helps to remember that the world is really just full of big children who like to tell themselves they grew up.

  22. I really don't believe it's possible for anyone to hate Thieves

  23. And when the world and everyone in it turns their back on you, That's when you'll know, that's when you'll fucking know, That you've got the world in the palm of your hand.

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