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  1. Name: Devon Cantwell

    Year: KU Freshman

    District(s): Topeka area/Lawrence/other areas with advance notice

    E-Mail: lawcantwell@gmail.com

    Cell: 785-817-0524

    Experience: 3 year CX debater/ 1st year of college debate. DCI/State experience. Dabbled in LD. PFD National Qualifier. Oratory State Semi-Finalist. FX State Qualifier. Congress National Qualifer. Informative State Qualifier.

  2. Here is SK from another forum...not sure how accurate it is.


    Public Forum

    Kimberly Henry and Andrew Benage from Fort Scott High School

    Daniel Lyon and Chase Rooks from Fort Scott High School


    Policy Debate

    Sterling Braun and Jacoby Zielinski from Fort Scott High School

    AnnRene Braun and Bradley Parson from Fort Scott High School

    Kim Stone and Brittney Doherty from Fort Scott High School


    Duo Interpretation

    David Northup and Michael Lee Hearson from Field Kindley Memorial High School

    Anna Miles and Daisy Jones from Fort Scott High School


    Original Oratory

    Fran Murnan from Pittsburg High School

    Angel West from Fort Scott High School


    U.S. Extemp

    Clinton Clare from Derby High School

    Kim Reeves from Parsons High School


    International Extemp

    Steven Schaaf from Derby High School

    David Rose from Derby High School


    Dramatic Interpretation

    Breianna Jones from Fort Scott High School

    Hannah Walker from Parsons High School


    Humorous Interpretation

    Brandon McGeHee from Southeast High School

    Ben Mazurek from Pittsburg-Colgan High School


    Lincoln-Douglas Debate

    Adam Westhoff from Parsons High School

    Keifer Cruse from Fort Scott High School



    Jordan Duncan from Labette County High School

    Karli J. Aitken from Field Kindley Memorial High School


    Super House Results

    Natasha N. Battle from Field Kindley Memorial High School

    Michael Windsor from Southeast High School

  3. LD


    1. Sarah Padgett TW

    2. Stefan Serrano TW




    1. Tom Sommers/Quinn Gaunt MAN

    2. Grace Lancaster/ Taylor Scott WR




    1. Pat Lin MAN

    2. Helen Bolton MAN




    1. Peter Ebeling TH

    2. Audrey Ballard MAN




    1. Brock Ingmire MAN

    2. Linsay Schroder SL




    1. Tom Browne TH

    2. Dustin Silverman WR




    1. Jared Barker SL

    2. Scott Combs WR




    1. Leuschel/Walker TH

    2. Auten/Johnson MAN


    SOOOOOOO....This means that the following people now go in congress:



    Alex Bonnet



    Devon Cantwell (This would have been Andrew Ginn, but becuase of policy debate his spot was also deffered down)

  4. Senate


    *1 - Kristin Nance - Shawnee Heights

    *2 - Pat Lin - Manhattan

    3 - Alex Bonnet - Emporia

    4 - (first name here) Hamilton - Topeka High

    5 - Bret Amidon - Junction City

    6 - Johnny Nelson - Shawnee Heights

    7 - Tim Ellis - Manhattan

    8 - Matt Bevens - Topeka High

    9 - David Larson - Topeka West

    10 - Brian Rutschmann - Seaman

    11 - Stephan Serrano - Topeka West

    12 - Dakota Starlin - Highland Park

    13 - Trent Strunk - Silver Lake

    14 - Marshall Wetta - Silver Lake




    *1 - Peter Ebeling - Topeka High

    *2 - Jesse Marden - Manhattan

    *3 - Kelly Nelson - Manhattan

    4 - Andrew Ginn - Shawnee Heights

    5 - Serg Beorgson - Washburn Rural (sorry for a misspell)

    6 - Devon Cantwell - Washburn Rural

    7 - (I cannot recall)


    Please correct any mistakes.



    Wonderful tournament hosted by the best NFL District Committee a district could ask for.




    Lin came in first, Nance was in second, Hamilton from T-High's first name is Anna


    Nelson took 2nd in House and Marden took 3rd. Cantwell took 5th. Serge Borysov took 6th. 7th place was Brock Ingmire from Manhattan.


    And ditto. Thank you to the NFL committee. The tournament ran great.


    Congrats to everyone.

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