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  1. This pertains to the Zizek Kritik that was put out by GDI this year. I am very unfamiliar with Zizek's argument that we live in a fantasy and we have to traverse the fantasy in order to actually solve the crises at hand. I plan on reading Conversations with Zizek, but I have some questions concerning this kritik. 1) Can you explain in common terms what it means that we are living in a fantasy? 2) What does it mean to 'traverse the fantasy'? 3) Is the ultimate goal to reach the Real? 4) What is an example of a 'TRAUMATIC FAR-REACHING CHANGE' that could cause result in actual progression?
  2. Does anyone have an updated uniqueness card that basically says that France is in Sub-Saharan Africa right now and looking too increase their foreign aid to SSA?
  3. The negative runs a CP, but instead of enacting the plan in SSA, they choose to do it in South-East Asia or another part of a country. I'm a novice and have to do a practice debate and I know the neg are running a CP similar to the South-East Asia one, and was trying to find out what it was called so I can know what I'm up against. Also, if anyone has hit something similar to this, I would like to know what y'all ran and if it was successful.
  4. I was wondering if anyone had an updated Iran DA or another updated politics that I could run with an XO CP. Please email to lumoo666@gmail.com if you do have on I could have. Thanks.
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