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  1. I'm just curious if anyone knows a tentative "schedule" for debate tournaments happening in Michigan next year (where and when they are happening), this would be infinitely useful for me! Thank you very much! :-)
  2. But Nietzche was not himself an anti-semite, just a great thinker, correct?
  3. Haha I could see it being something like the "band aid" kritikal affs run this year. Saying that sarcasm is important for real social change or something like that.
  4. I think that the massive cost to feed a hampster army would in fact create problems in the environment.... ;-)
  5. Well it would be tough to win that but it doesn't have to be won. You would just have to come up with a convincing link-impact scenario out of the middle east. IE middle east economy crashes governments use nuclear weapons. Or the economy crashes and it leads to terrorists using nuclear weapons.
  6. For 1. I meant the T would be the type of energy that the aff incentives isn't alternative. 2. IDK it would depend on phrasing of cards and if the neg could find something saying that it is important in order to start the growth of those economies during X amount of years and after that point it is no longer useful. Which I am sure are out there ( I have read stuff like that), switching to alternative energy NOW would tank those developing economies... (IE it would be like growth this year... Uniqueness: Middle east economies growing based on oil Link: Plan kills oil selling Impact: Developing economies are destroyed leading to a number of bad things.) The specifics would be what would drive that sort of DA.
  7. I can most definitely think of like ten T arguments off the top of my head... "Plan doesn't creat an incentive." "Energy isn't Alternative..." "Not talking about Energy" Cap K would be good, Foucault possibly, Government intervention bad. Also I can see some advantages for "war in Iraq" and such. Also a lot of middle east DAs (Uniquness: Oil supports middle eastern economy Link: Plan destroys dependency on oil Impact: economic collapse -> Nuclear war) It's going to be a fun topic I think.
  8. Haha, no I used bad punctuation... I meant that the Alternative is worse. Socialism leads to dictators and such empirically.
  9. Haha, yeah, I know. Although people later did take his philosophy and cross apply it to the terrible events of the 20th century, which is maybe where he got that from. Thanks for the help by the way. :-)
  10. Didn't Nietszche die 50 years before the start of world war II?
  11. Alt can't solve capitalism exists in the most simple of systems? Cap good? Alt worse than capitalism leads to dictators and other such nasty things... (I have no experience answering cap bad but I just read a book by a marxist... Still take what I have to say with a grain of salt)
  12. They are DAs... I was saying out of two off case arguments that are similar and merging them together. I never said they were Ks ;-). It is still applicable in most cases because the way in which a DA and K are constructed are similar. The K is just a way of debating philosophical issues in a debate format (at least in my eyes). So you can do similar things by merging two arguments that are somewhat similar.
  13. Yeah making a super off case arguments out of two similar ones is fun. I did that with growth and corruption, works really well because you can link shield up the wahzoo.
  14. Flash_hound


    Someone on our team ran a Nanotech DA that was very good and it would be interesting to run against the Aff nanotech case... lol (It's like running a K against a kritikal aff...)
  15. Also running two Ks looks silly and could warrant some hostility from the judge unless you had a good reason WHY in order to maintain neg ground you need to run two Ks... which there really isn't... ;-) You could, if you really want to, merge the two Ks together, using one of them as a link shield, or something like that.
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