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  1. ANY smart team would just straight turn the dispo cp and not even have to answer the conditional one since the NB of one counterplan more than likely link to the other.
  2. Dispo is never used anymore. End of story.
  3. Fidelity to an event is Badiou's alternative, not Debrix's. Debrix says we must have a rupture to tabloid journalism, a large distraction if you will.
  4. JV Results (Sorry if I don't know last names/first names) Green Valley CD def. Coronado Kody/Katy (3-0) Alvarez, Anderlohr, Eisenstadt Coronado Amanda/? def. Palo Verde BD (3-0) ???, ???, ??? Finals Coronado def. Green Valley CD (3-0) Anderlohr, Meneses, Mueller
  5. I think number 2 and 4 are mixed up in this post, I'm pretty sure Redlands is #2, congrats Alyssa and Evan!
  6. Mike Eisenstadt UNLV 11 I cut a lot of cards, I can coach, and I can judge. Even better for people hiring, I live in Vegas, no transportation or hotel fees of any kind. 2nd year in college, just qualified for the NDT. Questions? Just ask.
  7. UNLV MM is Austin Mueller and Stefan Meneses, and UNLV CE had 11 ballots.
  8. Congrats to Green Valley EK (Kyle Eriksen and Alex Kosmach) for a nice prelim run! Those guys have worked really hard and it's definitely showing. Good luck in outrounds guys!
  9. First of all, the "Fight Club --> Facism Args, are impact turns. Second, you're not saying "case outweighs debate," you're saying case outweighs the links... it's more of a timeframe deficit to the alternative.."try or die" if you will. Live another day with a risk of violence versus die now. Also, most of your net benefits to K's are cheating-esque frameworks are also impact turns to the K. YES, it LINKS, but that is irrelevant when you're impact turnnig as long as you have defense on the original impact. None of the arguments you just made are offensive reasons to vote affirmative... A) ALL of the permutations are intrnsic, severence, and silly. None of them take out any of the links. More competitive perms (one's that at least require answers and can't be grouped) -perm do both -perm do the alt -perm do the plan and the alt in every other instance -perm do the plan plan and then the alt C) While there was SOME sarcasm in my post--K's are cheating (which is just another name for FRAMEWORK, is quite effective against K's of debates) literally 100% of your framework impacts are impact turns to the K (debate good, switch side, etc) D) Case outweighs was explained above. E) Them having answers to "perm: do both" is often times GOOD for the aff for 2 reasons 1) The neg will read their whole block to the perm (written by whoever wrote the file usually) which takes A LOT of time away from the substance of the K (and the aff can just not go for the perm FYI). 2) The most common answers to perms are "new links" or an explanation of 1nc links. If you win defense to the link args they flag as linking to the perm, you can win on the perm.
  10. 1. K's are cheating. 2. Impact turn. 3. Case outweighs. 4. Permutations of various flavors. That's the gist of all you really need. Ever.
  11. I'm not sure about what camps put out imperialism files, but I know some places you can start reading from (most imperialism cards come from a couple books--at least more empire-ish ones). Here are some cites, Colonization culminates in extinction Porter 98 Robert B. Porter, Seneca and Professor of Law and Director of the Tribal Law and Government Center, University of Kansas, Chief Justice, Supreme Court of the Sac and Fox Nation, 21 University of Michigan Journal of Law and Reform, 1998 The impact is a never-ending state of violence against the other Hardt and negri 2k Michael Hardtand Antonio Negri, Associate Professor of Literature @ Duke and independent researcher and currently an inmate at the Rebibbia prison in Rome, formerly a lecturer in Politics at Paris University and a Professor of political science at the University of Padua, “Empire” Harvard University Press, 2000, pg. 129 Colonialism Leads to Genocide and Extinction Dalai Lama 2k1 Dalai Lama, Commencement Address by His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama of Tibet, The John Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies, May 24, 2001 The ultimate impact of Empire’s power over life is total world thermonuclear destruction Hardt and Negri 2k Michael Hardt, Associate Professor of Literature and Romance Studies at Duke University, and Antonio Negri, independent researcher and writer and an inmate at Rebibbia Prison, former Lecturer in Political Science at the University of Paris and a Professor of Political Science at the University of Padua, 2000, Empire, p. 345-46 Hardt and Negri would be a good starting point for impact work, as for links I haven't quite done any research related to the high school topic. Hope this is a good start.
  12. That's too long... A-SPEC--THEY DONT--VOTER FOR CP GROUND
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