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  1. Doc


    WDW put out a Nanotech Aff/Neg file.
  2. Here's a link to the one from SDI: http://www.mediafire.com/?dxqmzdetsw4
  3. Solvency Deficit: The book series specifically states the inability of magic to be used to fabricate food/other necessities. Hence, the need for the Hogwarts house elves to cook all the food in the school's kitchen.
  4. Your harms should be something like "Lack of food causes starvation and higher death rate."
  5. Doc

    Nuke War Defense

    Yeah it kind of sounded a little off to me, and that basically voids my argument.
  6. Doc

    Nuke War Defense

    Regardless of whether China would attack the U.S. or not, claiming that they won't because they have our signature on a billion dollar IOU in their pocket isn't credible. In terms of nations owing other nations money, even in terms of the magnitude of financial transactions on national/international levels, a billion dollars is tiny.
  7. Doc

    Cheney's Heart

    Really, the "abnormal rhythm" was the doctor hearing any sign of a heart.
  8. Yeah go with a Brother, and really a color laser is pretty eccentric for debate purposes and would run the price up a lot.
  9. Doc

    Nuke War Defense

    *Cough* Cuban Missile Crisis *Cough*
  10. So is it a structured argument? Basically how would you run it?
  11. What does _SPEC mean? For example: What does ASPEC mean?
  12. Doc

    Plan Actor

    Well, you could try the USFG for Aff considering the limits of fiat.
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