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  1. oh you're not telling your gender.


  2. 207981_10150142285632215_589767214_6607526_4037853_n.jpg



    hey hawt stuff.

  3. I agree to an extent on the more universal applicability of these arguments. I'm just also sympathetic to the argument Jasper is making that it's kinda fucked up that this thread hasn't advanced beyond a discussion of Deleuze and Nietzsche and is probably symptomous of something that should be changed in the high school community. Maybe this is just my perspective but it seems kinda strange that many "K debaters" seem to have a large following and support base in the high school community but teams like Beacon, despite the massive amount of success they've had, are ignored much more. I do however strongly disagree with this interpretation of these authors in a manner that doesn't involve history. A criticism of historical notions of morality is at the heart of Nietzschean thought. I've thought of Nietzschean criticism as a genealogy of morality and its transition from the mystic framework of religion to the scientific framework of modernity/enlightenment ideals.
  4. I would like to take you to a nice dinner, smother you in steak sauce, love and kisses and then retire for the evening watching a movie, only to 404 during the middle.

  5. I think this is largely the point that many race teams speak about. Although these authors are legitimate when discussing philosophy, these philosophers (as well as other schools of thought such as positivism) can crowd out discussions from evidence that was taken from a song or from poetry. Status quo academia largely ignores these other forms of communication and counts only certain forms of knowledge as "legitimate." For many race teams, this is why its necessary to step outside the realm of usual authors and instead rely on evidence that has personal experience attached to it. When Deleuze and Nietzsche talk about suffering, its in a very sterile, abstract sense - for many teams, that is the definition of whiteness. The ability to philosophize and abstractly talk about the suffering of the poor "brown people" without having to experience or see that suffering yourself. Don't get me wrong, I love Nietzsche but I think its important to discuss the reasons why many teams would find the "just add Deleuze and stir" solution disagreeable.
  6. I think the previous posters point was more that instead of simply finger wagging at the community, it'd be more productive to begin discussions about these arguments and their role in the debate community. I feel like the high school debate community is beginning to see these arguments more and more and I think dialogue is necessary outside the debate round if as community members, we see legitimacy in the content of their arguments. This may be my own predispositions speaking but I think its fair to say its a little troubling that many critical schools of thought are so popular in high school with such little emphasis on race even though some of the highest caliber teams in the country are the ones reading these arguments.




  8. Although this thread has begun to take a new direction, for academic purposes I actually think neoliberalism is largely the opposite of this definition. Neoliberalism, at least how it appears to me, is the next evolutionary form of capitalism. A form of capitalism that isn't constrained by state institutions or regulation and operates freely across the world through global corporations. Many see "Globalization" as one of the most visible effects of the paradigm of neoliberalism as it's a free market system that no longer revolve around state interests.
  9. Kiersten Strachan. Thread over.
  10. It's important to win the uniqueness debate because it structurally determines the direction of the link. If the aff wins that KORUS won't pass in the status quo, there is zero risk of negative offense because even if the plan drains Obamas political capital, it wasn't going to pass in the first place so you can't make it "not pass" twice as much. There's only the risk that the plan positively influences Obamas political capital. Conversely, if the negative wins that KORUS will pass in the status quo, it means there's only the risk the plan could tank Obamas political capital. It's important to conceptualize the debate as a whole and how one component (UQ debate) can determine the direction of the other parts of the debate.
  11. Mercer qualified to the TOC. I can't say the same that they qualified for state though...
  12. Josephl


    Koslow is a boss. If you're looking for some citations, I don't think there was a team known for reading Bataille more than Gonzaga CJ. http://opencaselist10.wikispaces.com/Gonzaga+CJ+Aff http://opencaselist10.wikispaces.com/Gonzaga+CJ+%28Abe+Corrigan+%26+James+Joseph%29+-+AFF http://opencaselist10.wikispaces.com/Gonzaga+CJ
  13. I agree that there seems to have been a large shift in the direction of counter-plan debate this year. A lot of counter-plans like conditions, consult, or other counter-plans that don't compete with the text of the plan seem to be a lot more accepted. One huge advantage that the affs on this topic seem do have though that I don't feel is being utilized enough is that the aff controls uniqueness a lot of the time for their scenarios. Japan probably wants us out, shit is going down on the Korean peninsula, Afghanistan is going horribly. Even if you were going to read a smaller version of these bigger stick affs, you probably control uniqueness to a lot of your terminal impacts. This means you probably have a pretty convincing 2AR try or die story assuming you have a good timeframe component to your aff and 2NR uniqueness defense is absent. It also means the neg can't turn the case if you control uniqueness to your advantages.
  14. Stephanie and Sean wish they had the style and finesse of P. Fong.
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