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  1. 1. Pace AL v. Berkley Prep HS (Antonucci, Garrett, Fisher) 2. Westminster JS v. Wayzata RR (Batik, Skarb, Gjerpen) 3. Damien EH v. Westwood GM (Gordon, Weil, Schultz) 4. Westminster AT v. Hooch LR (Tinsley, Clark, Serrano) 5. Brophy MM v. CRWash KP (DHeidt, Friend, Vanhorn) 6. Greenhill BL v. Berkley Prep SS (Jennings, Ramakrishnan, Whitmore) 7. Woodward NP v. Bellarmine JS (Lazarevic, Song, Lingel) 8. Lexington KS v. Fullerton GS (Cramer, JHeidt, Matthews) 9. Bellarmine RV v. Wooster CG (Sharp, Levkowitz, Bencosme) 10. Kinkaid KS v. Hooch CS (Jones, Lanning, Coburn-Palo) 11. CPS KV v. Greenhill KK (Baker, Warden, Greenstein) 12. Sibley BC v. Bronx BM (Gannon, Quinn, Hamraie) 13. Colleyville MN v. St. Marks GM (Polin, Phillips, Patterson) 14. Dallas Jesuit MY v. Damien BR (Gibson, Baxter, Voss) 15. Ft. Lauderdale BM v. Notre Dame DP (Rubaie, Spies, Bauschard) 16. New Trier GS v. BG CP (Beiermeister, Forslund, Petit)
  2. Harker v. Pine Crest Lex BH V. Westwood CD Lex KS v. Westminster TA Milton BL v. New Trier quarters
  3. i won weston novice division... all jv teams were all from lex too.. little lex owns make sure u come to big lex
  4. running a new cp in the 2nc... then during cross ex AFF: you brought new cp right? Neg: yea.. AFF: how can we respond to that since its abusive? neg: WELL THATS YOUR PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. ahh malthus with inherency of 20 years
  6. Medflag is good like w. hedge an shit, u can own em all w. it if done properly, watch for xo cp and lot of t
  7. xo is prty good canada is also good w. econ and a load of shit
  8. i need S cards for healthworkrs wut advantages shud i do? i got aids, pov.. ne mad good impacts?
  9. wait wuts the Zalmay Khalilzad The Washington Quarterly 1995 card can som1 post that card up?
  10. ne1 hav good cards saying term ssa not racist or dehuminizing wt t's to run aganist ssa k aff?
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