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  1. Ellen Page/ Ellen Page's character was bad. Don't get me wrong I really liked the movie but the Ellen Page character doesn't make any sense. Leo just confesses his darkest secrets to her just because shes there. There is a 5minute scene where he teaches her stuff and then they become best friends, it didn't make sense. I also thought Page's performance was poor, but I think a lot of that was her character.
  2. Full paradigm. I am tab. Theory- Generally I err neg on counterplan theory but can be convinced to vote aff if there are actual arguments made, often the negative only makes a couple of weak arguments against conditionality that can be exploited by the aff. DA's/counterplans/case- I think it is probably strategic for the affirmative to impact turn disads and net benefits to counterplans more. I default to an offense defense paradigm but I am probably more convinced more by defensive arguments than other debaters/judges. Kritiks- I like kritik debates, I have a general understanding of most kritiks and will vote for them. A well developed alternative is probably better than 8 more shotty link arguments. Framework- you should probably defend something but I can be convinced otherwise. Topicality- I default to competing interpretations and think smaller limits are probably better for debating.
  3. I will judge. I just finished High School and I debated all four years. I had some moderate success and I will be debating in college next year. I will vote for whoever won the debate. I generally lean negative on theory issues. I am pretty K friendly, I went for the K a lot this year, but I also went for states and politics in a lot of important out rounds so its really up to you.
  4. Don't do it! That weekend is on a full moon and you won't like Les when a full moon is out......
  5. Semis: Kinkaid KB vs Lex SK Woodward pp vs GDS
  6. Kilgore trout


    The IHS funds about 8million things, spend some time researching and find a decent PIC.
  7. Im going to 7 week survivors, anybody need a roomate/2n1a partner?
  8. Iv also partnered with Kaine recently, hes my fwiend, they know im judging and its cool.
  9. From Baltimore Digital harbor OY Baltimore city college NP Baltimore City College SV Glenelg MZ Thomas Johnson G something
  10. 1. Baltimore City College Kaine cherry and Nick Vail 2. Loyola Blakefield Tom Pacheco and Patrick Mcleary
  11. the block order and then the states cp. t-sub 1. At the top group all of the T flows and extend reasonability- a) Education: it allows us to discuss substantive issues and real political implications, as opposed to discussing T every round. We'll never learn about the topic if every debate is about limits most real world: policy makers don't argue about semantics, they look for the best policy option c) lit checks solves all the reasons why reasonability is bad because it checks absurd, unpredictable affs d) fairness: allows the neg to pick unfair, limiting definitions contrived to exclude topical affs e) don't vote on potential abuse: it doesn't set a precedent, key to fairness a. it's inevitable, we could always beat them up or read a new aff in the 2ar. Don't punish us unless we actually do it. b. no brightline: there are an infinite number of possible abusive actions-one instance of in-round abuse and you vote us down. 2. theres no offensive reason to prefer their interpretations which means you vote aff because of the offensive reason competing interps is bad. 3. we meet, subtant modifies incentives not energy use, we substantially increase an incentive for wind power development. 4. extend the C/I- its 15% prefer it because of reasonability t- new barrier 1. we dont destroy or remove any part of the law we just extend the ptc to people who don't have it there is no barrier. 2. extend the counter interpretation- increase means to make bigger- checks back all offense 3. no ground loss he just ran bad args 4. no warrant to topic education 5. he gives no warrants to why small limits are good for debate so even if we increase limits there is no impact, they just need to research a little more, the activity involves a lot of research. 6. extend the counter interp- increase means to make larger numerically- no reason our counter interp makes dumb affs topical so he has no offense new t- we meet we increase alt energy incentives, we meet the res this is a totally new topicality in the 2nc which should be thrown out it sand bags the 1ar-they could just read a bunch of new T's in the block, kills ability for aff to win potential abuse is stupid- cp- conditionality is still bad a) Contradictions-By running contradicting neg strats you don’t learn how to argue an issue only to win a debate round, killing real world education Kills Education- Least Real World- In the real world you suddenly can’t advocate the status quo, then a cp, then the status quo again and have any ability to run argument effectively. c) Decreases strategic thinking- They are just able to run a crapload of offcase and choose whichever one we can’t cover. d) Dispo Checks all abuse- They could still kick the cp but we would at least know the circumstances. e) Err Aff on theory. Neg has 13 minute block and ground to various PICs. he stone cold dropped this, evaluate theory before topicality because he chose to run an abusive strategy. in round abuse comes first because its the most objective way to evaluate abuse. and since we are reasonably topical it doesn't justify a sketchy neg strat. we had to undercover T because of the abusive neg strat
  12. The PTC definitely is not a social service, even if the PTC lead to a reduction of poverty it is blatantly untopical. There will be native aff's next year but I think they will more vulnerable to "OH NOES THE USFG CANT WORK WITH NATIVES!!!" arguments than the PTC.
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