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  1. Could you post the text of the card? It's probably underlined in a skewed way the way negs read it. Also it might not mention public health assistance; just because something's developmental assistance doesn't mean it isn't public health assistance as well. You could play with search terms such as "clean water" "unsafe water" etc. for water, and "public health issue" "public health crisis" etc. on the public health side. There are a lot of water-oriented websites that would say that. A lot of "public health experts" also think public health should be defined broadly including things like poverty and violence. Even the advocates of narrow definitions include issues with unsafe food and water. Engage them on the standards and voters debate.
  2. The key to the PATHWAY Act is that it legislates GWB solving all the problems with current policy involving HIV in sub-Saharan Africa (well really the whole world but because of the resolution, we just talk sSA usually). "Not later than 180 days after the date of the enactment of this Act, the President shall formulate and submit to the appropriate congressional committees, and make available to the public, a comprehensive, integrated, and culturally relevant global HIV prevention strategy that addresses the vulnerabilities of married and unmarried women and girls to HIV infection and seeks to reduce the factors that lead to gender disparities in the rate of HIV infection. The strategy shall encompass comprehensive health and HIV prevention education at the individual and population level beyond the ABC model (`Abstain, Be faithful, use Condoms') as a means to reduce HIV infections and shall include the following strategies:" So the Act clearly creates an awesome policy, since the President has to make up one that fits their million requirements: (1) Empowering women and girls to avoid cross-generational sex and to decide when and whom to marry in order to reduce the incidence of early- or child-marriage. (2) Dramatically increasing access to currently available female-controlled prevention methods and including investments in training to increase the effective and consistent use of both male and female condoms. (3) Accelerating the destigmatization of HIV/AIDS, as women are generally at a disadvantage in combating stigma. (4) Addressing and preventing the consequences of gender based violence and rape against women and girls. (5) Promoting male attitudes and behavior that respect the human rights of women and girls and that support and foster gender equality. (6) Supporting the development of micro-enterprise initiatives, job training programs, and other such efforts to assist women in developing and retaining independent economic means. (7) Supporting expanded educational opportunities for women and girls. (8) Protecting the property and inheritance rights of women. (9) Coordinating HIV prevention information and education services and programs for people living with HIV/AIDS with existing health care services targeted to women and girls, such as family planning, comprehensive reproductive health services, and programs to reduce the transmission of HIV between parents and children, and expanding the reach of such health services. (10) Promoting gender equality by supporting the development of civil society organizations focused on the needs of women and utilizing such organizations that are already empowering women and girls at the community level. (11) Encouraging the creation and effective enforcement of legal frameworks that guarantee women equal rights and equal protection under the law. (12) Encouraging the participation and involvement of women in drafting, coordinating, and implementing the national HIV/AIDS strategic plans of their countries. (13) Responding to other economic and social factors that increase the vulnerability of women and girls to HIV infection.
  3. “The pursuit of positive……everyone’s belly full.” And I think it's Barash based on Google Book search, but I'm not sure. The Google Book has pages like 120-140 cut out, so that doesn't help a ton .
  4. Well, just as ditching the gag rule/Mexico City doesn't only increase funding specifically for abortions, getting rid of this oath doesn't necessarily only increase funding specifically for abortions. NGOs that don't roll with the oath get zero money...they aren't necessarily "prostitution oriented" NGOs.
  5. Hey, I have the camps from the Free Camp Evidence thread (thank goodness for that thread!), but trudging through it all for "hepatitis" (besides a rudimentary Windows search) would take decades. Does anyone know which camp(s) had neg or aff evidence about hepatitis for advantages/harms? I'm doing original research, but I fear I'm just retracing the path of some camper who already did it in July, and their specific Universities may have had good books or articles I can't access . Thank you so much!
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