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  1. Yeah, there's some political science literature on the question. I think the best article is here: www.jstor.org/stable/1469420?casa_token=9U76BPiH8AAAAA:CWeYcWw6uRi0PxYVvhIE see also https://the3nr.com/2009/06/03/nudging-evidence-analysis-in-the-right-direction/
  2. Snarf

    Open Mindedness K

    How on earth could prescriptive reasoning be a form of violence and, more to the point, how do you ask for a neg vote without biting the link?
  3. You are singlehandedly responsible for killing an enormous segment of debate community history. Eat one whole ass, asshole.

  4. Put another way, David's just the worst.
  5. Put another way, David's just the worst.
  6. Nah. I offered David $20,000 cash for the site--clearly grossly excessive--but he didn't reply. He only replied in the past several years when I was collecting plaintiffs for a class action in re Evazon payments. If Evazon authors aren't being paid again, we can talk about a class action naming David and seeking the site as remuneration.
  7. You've killed this website and the community that came with it. You continue to be the worst.

  8. Hi yes continue to eat shit

    1. JSamuel


      Good to know you guys get along

  9. I think the site is set to auto-renew :|
  10. Ongoing reminder that you're the worst

  11. I think it's because he's actually just a garbage person.
  12. Turns out David took away mod powers, even for those of us who still have the title. I can't get rid of accounts or moderate content even in my forums now, ever since David did the "update" to the site.
  13. Hi yes regular reminder that you are the worst

  14. Snarf

    This site

    I offered David $20,000, which is more than he paid for the site by a long shot.
  15. You hid my posts on the forum, so that if I post, it doesn't go through unless approved. You did that because you're a coward, and I called you out for ruining the site.

    You've ruined this site.

  16. You are the worst

  17. You have ruined this site.


  18. You have ruined this site.

  19. You have ruined this site.

  20. You have ruined this site.

  21. You have ruined this site.

  22. I think you're misreading the plan. The "prevent, suppress, and punish" is the name of the protocol, not its effect. If I recall, the UN protocol imposes a less demanding standard on victims to prove that they qualify for the T-Visa, which can lead to permanent residence. That's how it lessens restrictions.
  23. "The affirmative must only claim advantages from the hypothetical implementation of the plan rather than its discursive/in round effects."
  24. Same. David's ongoing failure to reply to messages and his generally being unresponsive to the needs of this community is shameful, and he should be embarrassed. He is ruining something built by greater people than him, and it is hard to watch something so good die in the hands of someone so incompetent.
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