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  1. You are singlehandedly responsible for killing an enormous segment of debate community history. Eat one whole ass, asshole.

  2. You've killed this website and the community that came with it. You continue to be the worst.

  3. Hi yes continue to eat shit

    1. JSamuel


      Good to know you guys get along

  4. Ongoing reminder that you're the worst

  5. Hi yes regular reminder that you are the worst

  6. You hid my posts on the forum, so that if I post, it doesn't go through unless approved. You did that because you're a coward, and I called you out for ruining the site.

    You've ruined this site.

  7. You are the worst

  8. You have ruined this site.


  9. You have ruined this site.

  10. You have ruined this site.

  11. You have ruined this site.

  12. You have ruined this site.

  13. That's what life is for. Just pay it forward.

  14. What's your email? I'll send you everything you could ever need on Afghanistan.

  15. Hello. You've been on multiple times, including twenty minutes ago, and have not posted that you're working on a block any time soon.


    Please either forfeit in the thread or post the goddamn block.

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