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  1. No, sorry. There's alot of other Millard North novice teams around though.
  2. It was my round that he's talking about (I'm 99% sure). It was only one of the boys, he told me I didn't know how to debate and told my partner she was uneducated and not as qualified as most policy debaters. We made it to sems (although so did they) but to attack an opposing team in a round like that... I was offended.
  3. In my experience, China combined with an Aid Tradeoff, and possibly spending or a Middle Eastern (Iran/Pakistan Hegemony) it is hard for most aff teams to overcome.
  4. How would this work in a novice round if K wasn't run by the neg?
  5. Millard North is sending 4 varsity; 3 novice.
  6. Madness101

    Unexpected Affs

    Someone ran in in varsity last week. Supposedly, it was really cool. But I didn't even think/know there were landmines in SSA. And Pathway is kinda stupid.
  7. Madness101

    Unexpected Affs

    I've heard of people running a Land Mines aff. Also, repealing PEPFAR and enstating PATHWAY in SSA.
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