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  1. the author of this thread is a noob.
  2. Congratulations to South Dakota Debaters. Specifically Watertown, Vermillion, and Yankton for representing our state and showing that our programs are producing talented and quality debaters.
  3. which is why soft determism is feasible. the possiblity of certain outcomes can be determined, but which of those outcomes actually happen can simply be the result of unpredictable chance or a causal determined relationship. quantum physics gives us probablities, not set outcomes. it seems we are arguing the same thing, though i was giving a clarification that quantum physics is worth talking about in discussing the relationship between determinism and free will.
  4. i think he is referencing quantum physics in regards to actions that are random or unpredictable. you are right though in stating that quantum physics has nothing to do with free will, but it seems relevant to determinism, i.e. there is no free will, either it is determined or it is random.
  5. Bad Shit. Discuss.
  6. All the experts will agree, Tim Tebow's accuracy and decision-making is not a problem. In fact, as tshuman pointed out above, his statistics point otherwise. The real worry is simply his mechanics because he starts his release so low. This is a real worry because a low release means that he is more likely to fumble and that he has is slow to let the ball out. These mechanics can be changed, look at Aaron Rodgers. It isn't a guarantee that Tebow will change and succeed, but it surely is not a stretch that he was 1st round material. Big armed, very coachable (big plus for mcdaniels after pussy bitch cutler), he has all the intangibles, and he is a winner. I say 70% chance he succeeds with a 30% he fails.
  7. A run game with Adrian Peterson and Toby Gerhart is scary....
  8. Anyone know where I could find a transcript of this? Google has failed in doing so..
  9. "Quarterback Donovan McNabb has not encouraged the Redskins to sign free-agent wide receiver Terrell Owens and is not interested in reuniting with his former Philadelphia Eagles teammates, McNabb on Tuesday night told Post columnist Michael Wilbon. Citing multiple sources, ESPN reported earlier Tuesday that McNabb encouraged coaches to consider signing Owens. In a phone conversation, Wilbon said, McNabb stressed he never lobbied for Washington's coaches to consider bringing in Owens, who is 37 and is coming off the worst season statistically (55 catches, 829 yards and 5 TDs) of his career as a starter." http://voices.washingtonpost.com/redskinsinsider/donovan-mcnabb/mcnabb-denies-lobbying-to-add.html
  10. I know I am asking something complex which is hard to answer in a few paragraphs on a online forum, but would anyone mind explaining to me, in the most basic terms, how Derrida's conception of "differance" functions? I understand that Derrida made up the word incorporating "to defer" and "to differ" into one word, but what is the significance for that? Sorry if I am missing something painstakingly obvious, I am just having a hard time intepreting what he is saying. Edit: This is not debate related so there is no need to explain this in a debate type framework, thanks.
  11. dpron

    espn insider

    cool. thanks for the quick reply and the good advice.
  12. dpron

    espn insider

    anyone with a subscription, could you please post kiper's and mcshay's most recent mock draft? i know they are tools, but could someone post them regardless?
  13. dpron

    Attn: Tom Brady

    Cedric Benson was a 1st round draft pick that was benched, injured, and faced legal troubles. He was good in college and expected to be a star player in the NFL...took him 4 years, but he definitely qualifies as a comeback player with his performance this year. Vince Young took a 0-6 team to a 8-8 which has never been done in the history of the NFL. One period of play was a span of ten games which clearly qualifies as a comeback player, despite the fact that he didn't play the whole season. Tom Brady was the MVP in '07 and got injured...everyone knew he was going to be good again, his comeback is less-than inspirational.
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