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  1. Well then i guess i'll have to work harder
  2. Haha, that round was sooooo Roger's to win... But can you really blame me for hopping on theory when i thought i had a chance? He had us spanked everywhere else! As for this case... its probably changed since i hit it at Arlington, but at the time they were giving a "block grant" to... something... Not much help, but at least you know what incentive they used to run. I think the cards were originally from the UTNIF file. (I recognize the cards and font) I think all they changed was the plan text. Keep in mind i haven't seen it since Arlington. I'm also not sure its worth blocking Kate and Candace's bike aff anymore. They cut another aff, and they might just go on running that one from now on. Also, i think its HILARIOUS that a discussion about Kate and Candace's aff specifically has gone on for FOUR pages.
  3. I've heard great things about the GDI scholars lab, but i would like to hear from someone who isn't employed by GDI. If anyone has gone to GDI Scholars and has the time to write a review, i'd really appreciate it if you could... I'd especially appreciate a comparison to the GDI regular 4 week program, if at all possible, and a description of how the lifestyle is in the world of the Scholars program. Could you also describe the kind of people that get into the scholars lab? i want to know if its even worth my time to apply... Please and thank you!
  4. Coming back from the last tournament, i read my speaker points in one of the rounds... 29.5 Speaker points. In the margin, the judge provided a reason for my speaks, "for guts" Another judge said to us after a round, "I've never seen someone try so hard with nothing left in the debate." (horrible round for us...)
  5. You may or may not want to change the tags and stuff and or cut the cards differently, but I think this is close to what you were looking for. Visit the website link on the second one, its pretty cool i guess. Bearden is insane, he thinks we can pull electricity from the vacuum in the 2 paragraphs after their card. Also, he concludes that the aff solves. We solve the energy crisis, thus avoiding his impact. Bearden 2000(T.D, total dumbass, http://freerepublic.com/forum/a3aaf97f22e23.htm) History bears out that desperate nations take desperate actions. Prior to the final economic collapse, the stress on nations will have increased the intensity and number of their conflicts, to the point where the arsenals of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) now possessed by some 25 nations, are almost certain to be released. As an example, suppose a starving North Korea {[7]} launches nuclear weapons upon Japan and South Korea, including U.S. forces there, in a spasmodic suicidal response. Or suppose a desperate China — whose long-range nuclear missiles (some) can reach the United States — attacks Taiwan. In addition to immediate responses, the mutual treaties involved in such scenarios will quickly draw other nations into the conflict, escalating it significantly. Strategic nuclear studies have shown for decades that, under such extreme stress conditions, once a few nukes are launched, adversaries and potential adversaries are then compelled to launch on perception of preparations by one's adversary. The real legacy of the MAD concept is this side of the MAD coin that is almost never discussed. Without effective defense, the only chance a nation has to survive at all is to launch immediate full-bore pre-emptive strikes and try to take out its perceived foes as rapidly and massively as possible. As the studies showed, rapid escalation to full WMD exchange occurs. Today, a great percent of the WMD arsenals that will be unleashed, are already on site within the United States itself {[8]}. The resulting great Armageddon will destroy civilization as we know it, and perhaps most of the biosphere, at least for many decades. My personal estimate is that, beginning about 2007, on our present energy course we will have reached an 80% probability of this "final destruction of civilization itself" scenario occurring at any time, with the probability slowly increasing as time passes. One may argue about the timing, slide the dates a year or two, etc., but the basic premise and general time frame holds. We face not only a world economic crisis, but also a world destruction crisis. So unless we dramatically and quickly solve the energy crisis—rapidly replacing a substantial part of the "electrical power derived from oil" by "electrical power freely derived from the vacuum"—we are going to incur the final "Great Armageddon" the nations of the world have been fearing for so long. I personally regard this as the greatest strategic threat of all times—to the United States, the Western World, all the rest of the nations of the world, and civilization itself Bearden is a fraud, he bought his PhD from a college that doesn’t exist. GARDNER ’07 (Martin, staff writer for the Skeptical Inquirer, Jan/Feb, http://www.csicop.org/si/2007-01/fringe.html, site accessed 11/17/08) “Dr.” Bearden is fond of putting PhD after his name. An Internet check revealed that his doctorate was given, in his own words, for “life experience and life accomplishment.” It was purchased from a diploma mill called Trinity College and University—a British institution with no building, campus, faculty, or president, and run from a post office box in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The institution’s owner, one Albert Wainwright, calls himself the college “registrant
  6. Ask them to return the favor; if you disclose your aff, they disclose their neg strat. Either 1) you know their neg strat now, and you can get out your blocks, or 2) they won't know or won't want to disclose their neg strat, and you don't have to disclose. And if you still don't want to disclose your aff, just ask in the hopes that they will back off and no longer want you to disclose, and then when they say, "sure," just change your mind. Other excuses I've heard include "its team policy" or "my coach told me not to." You should still disclose though.
  7. I heard that the REALLY hardcore debaters have got debate down to a science, even going so far as to have different diets to maximize performance. out of curiosity, does it really help or hurt to eat certain things? And why is that? (or why not?) Things I've heard: Avoid Dairy Avoid Chocolate Avoid Energy Drinks DO chew gum outside of round Don't eat at tournaments (it diverts blood from the brain or something)
  8. Don't worry, there's time still left in the season. Its bound to happen eventually!
  9. Was? what did you do to fix it?
  10. LOL at the second card. (go look at the source, its a story, an "action packed adventure!")
  11. I'm having trouble accessing the Hemp file in the Cameron debate camp file... Whats up with it? Is my computer just wigging out? or is it there something wrong with it?
  12. Read the rest of the thread... jeez... Industrial hemp has a very low THC content, the active ingredient of marijuana. It can't be used for smoking.
  13. Ok, don't hate me for saying this, I'm just answering the guy's question... One of my friends is a real a--hole who buys into this stuff VERY seriously, and he's been trying to get me to read a book by some guy named "Dick Masterson." His book is "Men Are Better Than Women," and he has been labeled THE most chauvinistic man alive. I haven't read it, but if you're really serious about running "Men > Women" then Dick Masterson is your author.
  14. Also check out Baylor's Hemp neg file.
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