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  1. Name: Chaz Eyre Location: Pocatello, Idaho Email: chazeyre@gmail.com Phone: 208-571-1364 I debated three years in high school for Capital High School in the Boise area, and now currently debate at Idaho State University, and am interested in coaching any team in the pacific northwest looking for an assistant coach. I had moderate success in high school, clearing at more than half of large national tournaments as a small squad. I am willing to cut cards, fill judging commitments, chaperoning etc.
  2. Chaz

    Best in Idaho

    Nothing against the thread per se, just bewildered that the "Best in Idaho" thread turned into a complaint about Idaho debate (again).
  3. Chaz

    Best in Idaho

    this thread needs to die. badly.
  4. Name: Chaz Eyre Location: Pocatello, Idaho Email: chazeyre@gmail.com Phone: 208-571-1364 (currently not in service, will be in mid Sept.) Previous Affiliations- Capital high School 07-09, Idaho State- Currently I debated three years at Capital High School in Boise, Idaho and exclusively did policy. I was moderate successful as a high school debater, clearing at Gonzaga, Alta, and Stanford, and earning speaker awards at each. I judged policy and speech this summer at the SCFI, and am currently debating at Idaho State. I can be available to judge almost all local and regional tournaments (so long as it doesn't conflict with my own tournament schedule), but the more advanced the notice the better, as I do have to arrange to be in Boise.
  5. Chaz

    Best in Idaho

    I think I missed the memo that all Idaho threads should devolve into shitty jpeg's and war stories from novice tournaments. *sigh*
  6. unfortunately, yes. and speaking of quals, my partner and I were never extended the invitation to go (our coach supposedly emailed miss NFL lady after I heard of the people not going, since I wanted to go, and we were told that people were attending.)
  7. Chaz

    Novice case area

    the novice case lists come about during a meeting the IHSAA has at the beginning of the school year, and usually one coach will write up a list and then other coaches will suggest revisions and what not. We won't hear anything all summer, they like to wait for camps to finish.
  8. actually... http://www.idhsaa.org/speecharts/SpeechArtsRegs.doc 6. In a counter plan case, or where a specific minor repair is advanced by the negative, the negative must present the proposal during the first negative constructive speech. The negative must not implement the resolution advanced by the affirmative. "must not implement the resolution advanced by the affirmative" could just mean no PICS, which is terrible enough, but it's being enforced as no topical counterplans.
  9. Chaz

    you idahoians

    any jackson's has it, yooz a liar.
  10. dude, don't read them crazy 'topical counterplans", you'll get dropped like a bad habit on new years day as per the mo'****in Idaho Debate Code. :-(
  11. No sir, thank you. +1 more reason to delete the thread eh?
  12. I'm Chaz Eyre and I support this message. /sendlove: leDuke and Stephanie.
  13. yeah I'm hoping to if I can get the monies.
  14. WTS locks of hair for your scholars spot, pst. <3 :]
  15. denied to Zag scholars. who got in?
  16. Chaz

    Best in Idaho

    Best judge: Danielle Jennings Best coach: n/a Best squad/school: Eagle Best team: Wang/Charles or Jake/Parker Best aff team: Wang/ Charles Best neg team: Hunter and Joey Best kritik debater: Wang Best straight-up policy debater: Hunter or Joey, I can't pick Most persuasive speaker: Joey Most helpful person: kaitlin Charles Most hardworking debater: Hunter Phillips Fastest debater: Jessica Best debater overall: Wang Novice to watch out for next year: Capital's novices. And the two boise girls The best team next year: Eagle PS Funniest debater: Brandon Weedon Most fun debater to judge/watch: Matt Hurt Rookie team of the year: n/a Most underrated team: Hillcrest ML Most underrated debater: Jessica Hockensmith Most improved debater: Jessica or Weedon Most improved team: Hillcrest Squad
  17. not that I know of , my record wasnt too hot this year, and my novice partner I gave the 2a to all year is quitting this year, so we'll see. I hope I can though, I've heard great things about it. How was your time there?

  18. not sure... that's in the school board's hands.
  19. Chaz

    Best in Idaho

    I'm curious what you mean by "shit" bryan haha. because your partner convinced a lay judge production tax credits were negative... He wins. :]
  20. I'm pretty sure I'm coming back homies. and as for a partner, well, something special is being worked on
  21. Question for past attendee's: What are the major distinctions between the K lab and scholars program?
  22. if I get into GDI scholars, I'll be applying for swing. (1a/2n)
  23. I'm trying to get my partner matt hurt to apply for scholars, but he's not sure if he's debating next year.
  24. Technically I do, but I dunno if I could put up with another year of high school/ i might not have a 3rd year partner if I did debate, so I figured I'd make up my credits in night school and summer school and just jump up on debating.
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