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  1. toby went to a dance with a girl? are you sure?
  2. cmerrick10


    Im thinking about learning greek for this reason. In the meantime, a little help patrick?
  3. Littleton High School Merrick/Jacob MJ
  4. Littleton will be there with about 4 CX teams, 2 varsity. Ian will be debating varsity, however with a novice partner. Merrick/Jacob Dalton/King 2 Novice Teams Can't wait!
  5. Hey where on planet debate is the final round video posted?
  6. cmerrick10

    One Off

    One of my novices became obsessed with Foucault and wants to run 1 off Foucault. Is this a good idea?
  7. At the Housten-Memorial tournament, will Kinkaid be able to participate? I know the tournament is hosted by HM HS but the CX is at Kinkaid, does this mean they cannot participate since it is at their school? If this question is answered somewhere, else I apologize.
  8. darshan got dry humped by blondie in the hallway... whether or not he liked it is still a mystery
  9. That's what I assumed... that we could just walk to safeway or something. anything else you would reccomend that I bring? Edit: I am bringing a frisbee... Also, if we bring food up in the tubs, where put our expandos?
  10. bring drinks? Cant we buy like 2 liters up there?
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