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    I'm Becca. I'm 17. I'm illustrious. I'm the senior debater on a CX team. My partner is a senior, but it's his first year in debate. We're not bad. I'm amazing. I'm adorable. My boyfriend is the bestest boyfriend ever. I'm probably better than you by
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    Holly Lake Ranch
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    Debate. Singing. Laughing. Dancing. Being with Justin. Graphic design. Modeling. Theatre. Acting. Being Random. Choir. Tennis. Athletics. Volleyball. Going to football games. Cheering.
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    Veterinary Technician.
  1. Thanks =] I'll download it when I get home.
  2. Sorry, I searched the forum for any thread including plumpy in the title and it didn't show me anything. SO. I need both, however Aff is what I really need the most.
  3. Anyone have any extra plumpy'nut info? I'll trade anything we have...
  4. If they were talking about EATING pizza, I doubt the "oral sex" he was talking about was referring to giving head.
  5. Beccasaurus

    Unexpected Affs

    I have a TON of SK Plumpy'Nut neg... I havent gone against it, but I want to.
  6. Beccasaurus

    World Of Warcraft

    my ex plays it and he sucks at debate. so I doubt it.
  7. Still kind of confused... Is there any neg evidence on it?
  8. Neat, thanks! Where did you get that information from? Edit, nevermind, I found it. Thank you SO much!
  9. PATH: Can someone explain it to me? I don't know what the case is about. GGR: I just don't know what the rule is, and what they're doing. I think it involves not sending aid to any establishment that performs abortion. & they're repealing it, correct? Anyone who has any information on these please help =]
  10. By the way. BUSHMEAT isn't an offensive word (http://www.bushmeat.org/portal/server.pt) and even for once the terrible wiki even helps (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bushmeat). Its the term thats used to describe ANIMALS CAUGHT IN THE WILD THAT GET EATEN, INCLUDING MONKIES AND RODENTS. If people ate possums and got sick (which I'm sure some do, the thought of it makes me slightly queasy) I'd say the same thing. SENDING THEM SOLAR COOKERS AND NO FOOD ISN'T GOING TO HELP. SENDING THEM FOOD THAT WON'T GIVE THEM DISEASES WILL. Now please, can we get back to the ORIGINAL topic of this thread. I'm sorry to anyone I offended, but please, get off my ass.
  11. Because Becca (which is the first part of my screenname.) is a guys name. Right? Riight. & no, I wasn't trying to be funny. I was saying if you send SOLAR COOKERS into little, small villages in SSA where yes, they do eat animals that they catch in the forrests and whatnot, they're NOT GOING TO KNOW HOW TO USE THEM.
  12. Haha, I'm sorry. I'm not trying to "offend" anyone. Its proven, in SOME PLACES IN AFRICA a lot of the disease and whatnot DID come from eating random stuff. I mean, I'm from the south. I'll be the first to admit that Americans eat random shit too. (IE: In Texas, its not strange at all to eat alligator or deer or possum or even wild hog. wtf? These are the people that I'd laugh at/poke fun of for their traditions. I live by Rhonnesboro, which has a sign that says "Possum capital of East Texas." I'm DEFINATELY not trying to be racist or judgemental or whatever.
  13. Beccasaurus

    Unexpected Affs

    I don't know why people don't seem to think that I understand what happens in rounds I WAS IN. They used the full word EVERY TIME THEY SAID IT. Not just in their taglines. Not just in half their cards. Even in CX they used the entire word.
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