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  1. Agreed. Also the quality of the music is a lot more elementary. There are some pretty damned simple arrangements, especially with the guitar. Simplicity isn't necessarily bad, though (especially in this case). Just pointing that out.
  2. I'm going, and I'm only bringing 50 dollars. Fuck that shit; I'll eat in the cafeteria. I'm in the 3-week. I've heard good things about Angelo Thkdjfhsdkjhdfkjsdhfkdsfjhf from jon sharp, so I'm looking forward to it.
  3. I dunno. Everybody is criticizing them because they took a more mainstream/pop direction with this album. But the difference between this album and other pop albums is that this is pop done intelligently. It's not like it was flung together. It's still a brilliant album, however good their others may have been.
  4. Aw no you didn't! You're a bad man. It's jon sharp, and no other. He's the greatest. I'm going to KNDI 3-week.
  5. And one more thing that would be useful - does anyone have a file that just has a bunch of "_____ will say no" cards?
  6. I need Bird Flu neg blocks, AU Solves for neoliberalism, and a homemade/purchased Heg Bad file. I have things to trade. E-mail me at ethan.hawes1@gmail.com because I'm not going to check back here.
  7. I'm looking for K perms, yes =P
  8. Yes, I know they are easy as hell to write, but I am lazy and busy with other prepping. So, in exchange for HOME MADE perm shells, I have a non-camp, 150-page + tix file from last week. Any takers?
  9. Why does no one care about this man!?!?!? He's wonderful! Same-sex marriage, universal health care. Lord. He's wonderful.
  10. I need any Nietzsche Ks anyone might have. I have over 2000 or so files, so I'll likely have anything you need. Private message me or respond to this thread.
  11. I don't understand the presidential candidates. If either Hillary or Obama would step up NOW and say "UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE! YAYYY!" they could almost be guaranteed to win in the primaries. Why does no one do this? WHY!?
  12. I desperately need an Economy Advantage! Help me! Please! I'm at the OVI tournament right now and cannot seem to find one on my laptop. Help!
  13. I know, which is funny, cause I love Ks.
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