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  1. If anyone is selling rounds 1-4 at the Blake tournament I am available. My name is Luke Plutowski. I am a current debater for the University of Minnesota. I debated at Wayzata High School for four years, breaking at most national circuit tournaments my senior year, including last year's Blake tournament. contact at luke.plutowski@gmail.com
  2. Apparently the other thread wasn't good enough? Anyway, here's some: Columbia Akshay Kini - Edgemont Gonzaga Alexis Kostun - Westwood Jordan Newton - St. George's Minnesota Luke Plutowski - Wayzata Miranda Ehrlich - Wayzata Triton Nathan Rothenbaum - OPRF Trinity Vivian Ha - Edina
  3. Yes, but I have no idea who any of you are
  4. Hey, where is everyone going to college? Post here. Include if you're debating. Gonzaga Alexis Kostun Jordan Newton Harvard Daniel Taylor Anna Dimitrijevic Idaho State Mike Burtosky Michigan Ellis Allen (Westminster) Brandon Caniff (Dexter) Lukas Hosford (Dexter) Joe Krakoff (Georgetown Day) Ben Levy (Georgetown Day) Will Morgan (Westminster) Alex Pappas (Glenbrook North) Marisa Xheka (Seaholm) Mich. State Pablo Gannon Kush Patel Aniela Butler Quinn Zemel Mustafa Inamullah Minnesota Luke Plutowski Northwestern Alex Miles NYU Nikhil Jayawickrama Robert Baldwin Oklahoma Kiersten Strachan Chris Leonardi Pomona Laura River Triton Nathan Rothenbaum Trinity Vivian Ha Wake Forest Lee Quinn Joe LeDuc
  5. ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: <jrnyquist@aol.com> Date: Fri, Nov 5, 2010 at 11:10 AM Subject: Re: Questions about Russia - Hide quoted text - To: Luke Plutowski <xxxx@gmail.com> The issue of American deployments is complicated and best understood after a long course of reading on the subject of U.S. Containment policy. The U.S. Presence in northeast Asia is necessary for South Korean and Japanese security. These countries could not defend themselves from China, North Korea or Russia without the United States. This is not a controversial proposition. South Korea only exists today because of the U.S. troops there. Without our troops the nuclear umbrella we provide would be less credible. An attack against Japan or South Korea would entail killing Americans and would emotionally link our nation's feelings to those of the threatened countries. China is presently engaged in a massive military buildup and modernization. China is pushing territorial claims against Japan and the Philippines. As for the Middle East, protecting Saudi Arabia from Iran, and keeping the Strait of Hormuz open is strategically vital. Any disruption of the region's oil production would have catastrophic consequences for Japan, Europe and the U.S. No other power is sufficient to maintain security and stability. Only the United States has the Naval and air assets capable of keeping the sea lanes open. Those powers working against the United States, like Russia, would use oil and gas to blackmail Europe and Japan into subordination. Already the Russians have been caught openly conspiring to use energy exports as a "weapon." Imagine if the U.S. withdrew from the Middle East and Asia. Many countries would be forced to join Russia and China. America would become strategically and economically isolated. In the end, we would find ourselves beset by a powerful bloc of countries directed by Moscow and Beijing. They would begin expanding existing positions in Latin America, exploiting divisions within U.S. Society, squeezing our economy through embargo and blockade. In time, the fifth column of Communists and Left radicals in the United States would act in concert with external moves to bring about a change in the U.S. Constitution that would amount to a surrender of sovereignty and a lapse into socialism. At that point, the international Soviet would be the entire human race. From: Luke Plutowski <xxxx@gmail.com> Date: Thu, 4 Nov 2010 20:52:16 -0500 To: <jrnyquist@aol.com> Subject: Questions about Russia Hello Mr. Nyquist, My name is Luke Plutowski, and I I'm in debate as a high school senior. This year's topic involves U.S. military presence in countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Japan, and South Korea. As a follower and frequent reader, I was wondering your thoughts on this issue; what would be the consequences of a large-scale draw-down of US forces in the Middle East or Asia? What role would China and Russia play? A popular argument says that China and Russia would seek to expand their power in the region, and possibly threaten U.S. allies. Do you believe an outright U.S.-Russia or U.S.-China war is a possibility? Is it likely? Thanks for your time in responding to these questions. Your work has already had an influence on the debate community.
  6. West d. Hoflo - Voss sits 2nr is security K
  7. From Wayzata, MN: Luke Plutowski and Devon Manley
  8. In the double octafinals round between Homewood Flossmore RS and us (Wayzata PS), Homewood won on a 3-0 (it's listed the other way around). Wayzata RS defeated Homewood on a 2-1 in the octafinal round. Additionally, it was an excellently run tournament, thanks to all the helped run it. Congrats to GBS as well as Highland park.
  9. Do you all watch the angry video game nerd? http://www.youtube.com/user/JamesNintendoNerd Pure awesomeness. 19th most subscribed on Youtube.
  10. Haven't you all seen Beneath the Planet of the Apes, the first sequel to Planet of the Apes? "Monkey" is an offensive term to apes.
  11. pluto2493

    Veterans Aff

    I actually met some people from the National Coalition for the Homeless, and they said about 25% of the homeless are veterans on any given night. That makes about 155,000 homeless veterans just in the U.S.
  12. The way I interpret this resolution is that it doesn't call for multiple TYPES of incentives, just multiple incentives. I.E. The non-topical version of the case would be giving a tax credit and and funding. The topical case gives tax credits to multiple businesses. Whether or not that applies to this topic is arguable.
  13. pluto2493

    Socialism aff

    T Proletariat revolution over a long period of time, Dictatorship, classless society (which has never been accomplished, btw), then communism which isn't even a social service
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