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  1. Hey, I need to take a poll as a source for a speech of mine. I have to talk about how the educational system is parallel to the government in the book 1984 and how it's restraining the "human spirit". The purpose of the poll is to find out if students seriously enjoy/are interested in the classes they are taking or if they're just taking the classes you need to graduate or to get into certain IB/AP classes. Thanks for the help and your input is appreciated.
  2. In JV policy Damien, BE was top Seed with Reid Erlich-Quinn as first speaker. In Novice policy, Damien GF was first seed with Pablo Gannon as first speaker. They also both picked up their octos rounds. Way to pwn teh nubs boyeez.
  3. Can you enlighten us with this card and some "smart" analysis for this kritik?
  4. So i'm a rising junior who's been debating varsity for 2 years, with a decent win record (.600), should I go to Northwestern, DDW, or DDI. I want to go to DDI and i'm not trying for SS. What's the main difference between DDW and DDI and what do you people think of the Northwestern Juniors lab. Thanks in advance.
  5. Would it function like this for a drug case? Perm do both but only have drugs with the patents owned by india be sent to SSA?
  6. Could someone explain to me real fast how an intrinsic perm works?
  7. Ok, so i'm still a little confused. Doesn't a perm basically function as both actors taking action, so how do the perms that niloc provided function? Perm: do the CP? I understand what masterD is saying because they bite the net benefits. The only multiple perms I can think of is perm do both, then a timeframe perm or something. What are some "good" perms?
  8. Does anyone have a Global warming Good file? It can even be a backfile of some sort. I know I can click google and easily search for multiple articles talking about how global warming is good. But it's a sort of last minute deal so any file would be appreciative. This is for the Africa topic, not energy. Thanks a bunch.
  9. Vintage


    Does anyone have some indicts for khalilzad, thayer, caldwell, etc. A file or individual cards, anything works. Thanks a bunch.
  10. Oh, ok, sorry for the misunderstanding. Anyone have any cards or know some good articles i can cut regarding discourse from her?
  11. Sorry, i'm looking for some guy called Butler who talks about reshaping discourse, i just heard of him from a friend. Ring any bells?
  12. Anyone got anything on him? PM me if you do, thanks.
  13. I've heard of a discourse neoliberalism K, anyone know what it says?
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