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  1. On behalf of the Glenbrook North debate team, we would like to welcome back Michael Greenstein who is returning to the program to take on the position of Head Coach. Michael Greenstein has had a big impact in a short time as a coach, assissting debaters who broke at the TOC, and received high speaking accolades. We are thrilledhe's back, and look forward to the growth of the program under his guidance. We would like to give a special thanks to the administration, especially director of student activities Dr. Tarjan, and former coaches Ted Belch and Greg Malis for taking out time of their busy schedules to help with the hiring process, especially in the middle of the summer. ---Zack Parker, Mitchel Hochberg, Alex Pappas, and GBN Debate
  2. zparks


    no teams from glenbrook south or north can compete at the glenbrooks.
  3. some mistakes in the post above: quarters in the gbn v. cps round was a 3-0 decision. marquette v. oprf in quarters was a 2-1. alex miles was 2nd speaker, not 4th. st.marks went 8-2. seeds were: (i might be wrong) 1.Westminster 10-0 2.Marquette 8-2 3.Glenbrook North 8-2 4.Kinkaid 8-2 5.St.Marks 8-2 6.CPS PY 8-2 7.OPRF HH 7-3 8.Hooch IV 7-3
  4. Westminster TA (aff) d. Hooch IV 3-0 Glenbrook North HP (aff) d. CPS PY 3-0 Randall, DSong, Berthiaume Marquette (neg?) d. OPRF HH 2-1 Jennings* Kinkaid BB (neg) d. St.Marks MD 2-1 Deshpande* Semis: Westminster TA (aff) d. Kinkaid 3-0 Jennings, Oddo, ? Glenbrook North HP (aff) d. Marquette HM 2-1 Jones, Hantel, Desphande* Finals: Westminster TA (aff) d. Glenbrook North HP 3-0 Jones, DSong, Oddo Speaker Awards: 1.Michael Hoffman-Marquette 2.Alex Miles-St.Marks 3.Daniel Taylor-Westminster 4.Ellis Allen-Westminster 5.James Hanley-OPRF 6.Mitchel Hochberg-Glenbrook North 7.? 8.Jack Mackay-Marquette 9.Zack Parker-Glenbrook North 10.Maranna Yoder OPRF
  5. good luck at stmarks!

  6. are you going to the sophomore RR? if so, i can't wait to debate you.

  7. LOL Teddy. Carrolton- B-52s OPRF- I think Brazilian Tariffs not sure Pine Crest-Don't know
  8. zparks


    Damien EH d. Woodward NP 2-1 (Manuel*, Tate, Heidt)
  9. zparks


    ross gordon from new trier was top speaker.
  10. zparks


    Ashland RK (aff) d. GBN MS 2-1
  11. lol it's zch parker

  12. zparks

    Resolved (Movie)

    the highland park team that you are talking about is a different one. the one in the movie is in texas not minnesota.
  13. zparks

    NFLs Results

    its actually ross gordon and vanessa.
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