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  1. thanks. what camp file is this evidance in?
  2. Does anyone have evidence or know where to find evidence that proves pandemics lead to a collapse of the capitalist system? AIM - Lauren Sayyysss or you're welcome to PM me
  3. Where can I find evidence that explains why discrimination is such a powerful impact? Please reply if you know of good authors, sources, camp files or if you have the evidence. AIM @ Lauren Sayyysss
  4. I need a badass hege file (specificaly with hard power bad files.) My computer recently crashed & I'm at camp with none of my back files. PM me or IM me @ Lauren Sayyysss. I'm willing to troll through old camp files if anyone can point me in the direction of a camp that has a good one.
  5. Bump. Please, someone answer me. It'll take about thirty seconds out of your life.
  6. Thanks, really helpful. & Sam, I wouldn't be posting on cross-x if I hadn't already checked google, jstor and any other search engine I could think of. Lol.
  7. Thanks for posting. However, I'm looking for a brief card to throw in as a neg. apprioris (Im doing LD, obviously.) I don't want to base my advocacy entirely on negating a single word in the resolved, and it seems like the minimal state theory might take a while to break down.Thanks for the suggestion, though. ehhh....again, does anyone have the card? message me. or get at me on aim- Lauren Sayyysss
  8. Does anyone have the Schmitter 96 card that gives several good reasons why democracy doesnt exist?
  9. does anyone have evidence that states 'democracy causes capitalism'?
  10. LaurenNicole

    Attn: Alta

    Bump. Does December 4-6 still look like the weekend that Alta will be held on? And when & where will info be avaliable?
  11. Could someone tell me what camp put out a good Malthus K on the Africa topic?
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