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  1. um, perm. the only way that really competes is through a spending net ben, and given the state of things the internals to any spending scenario probably aren't going to fly...
  2. Kel

    CAMP 2008

    Where is everyone going to camp this year?
  3. Julian, you think every topic will be a great year for anarchy/statism type arguments...
  4. Kel

    08 Debate at State

    Byron is, I'm a junior. There's a results packet? Someone let me know if you get you hands on it cwileycarter@gmail.com...
  5. Kel

    08 Debate at State

    Vashon CS I agree, fun tournament. Congrats to all the seniors.
  6. Kel


    Vashon too --> cwileycarter@gmail.com thanks
  7. Kel

    07/08 PNW Team List

    Hey so Whitman is coming up... what are our PNW teams for this year? All I know of for sure is: Vashon Island - Starkey/Carter Mercer Island - Dak/Paul Who else is out there?
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