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  1. Westminny is largely a practice tournament (where you practice your aff your neg and kinda get the feel for your competition). So it is just a do your best and see what happens thing. Make sure you have someone for Hooch
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    It's dugong day! tilde
  3. let me clarify my statement because I feel like I am partially responsible for turning this thread into a stream of vacuous nonsense. See while most K teams do do a lot of work and have lots to read, there are some that do only have 2-3 accordions that they carry around to every round (and these team might not even be lazy, because these people have done a hella lot of practice in order to be confident enough to bring only 3 accordion into the national circuit.) Similarly (and this is an even more rare case) there are some policy teams that only have 1 tub...(idk why). but if you are one of those teams like travel lightly then paperless won't be much of a change for you.
  4. It seems that you are worrying about the wrong things. - the power prob is solved by a power cord - the stand problem is solved by a debater's internal ability to make a stand at any given situation you should also consider a few things while you are deciding: 1) how much stuff do you usually have (if you are a 1 off K team that brings 1 accordion and a book to every round then paperless is pretty much the same as paper) 2) the state of your computer - sometimes this is a easy solve if you can use another computer for debate, but if you only have access to a crap computer maybe you should stick with paper. While there is always a risk of computer problems, most people who have gone paperless would tell you that these almost never happen. (of course your part of the deal is that you have to take care of your computer) 3) Team file production - paperless debate require that you have paperless macros. Though synergy is able to solve a bulk of macro compatibility problems, there is always a risk that your team is using a really messed up template that synergy does not register 4) tournament schedule - if you travel a lot then paperless should definitely be a consideration for financial issues. My opinion: I would vote for paperless. My team travels around quite a bit and it is just more logical as a team to bypass check-in costs. Apart from that I think paperless forces a degree of organization and work that paper debate probably don't. Instead of chucking accordions into tubs, you have to organize individual files into folders. Instead of just printing out random camp files you have to reformat them to fit your template (doing so will at least make sure you read through some of those files). Unlike paper debate where you can easily get through an unhighlighted stack of paper by just marking with a pen, "marking" cards is actually pretty difficult when it comes to paperless so it kinda forces you to highlight your evidence. Convenience is also a big part of paperless. You don't need flip through every tub to see if you have all the files seeing that they are all in front of you. and best of all you don't have to clean up after yourself after the round.
  5. growing consensus = smart stuff are good for debate. If you got smart stuff from email you should make sure you cite it as such and make sure the text of the email is available for the general debate public.
  6. Financial reform seems to be the next big thing. There are always U and non-U cards out there for politics as well as different assessments on what healthcare did to Obama's pc. That's why politics is liked by a lot of people, because there will always be clashing arguments.
  7. I hate politics too, but it's just something you gotta learn how to do for strategic reasons and for the sakes of not being screwed once you go national. Trade-off DAs are also an option. See, the problem with not running args that you don't like is that you get stuck with something like the Nietzsche DA.
  8. http://www.cross-x.com/vb/showthread.php?t=993350
  9. ideally one thing per slot in an expando (1nc shell in one, 2nc stuff in one, A/2 pages goes in to one slot each, etc) put complete files (with table of contents) in manilas (usually these are less important files)
  10. simple rulez if they have a link turn: concede any defense THAT IS NOT "non-unique" if they have no link turn: just concede any defense
  11. ...uhh if you win link then you win that Ptix = opportunity cost and the more interesting question is who the hell made that shit theory up?
  12. http://www.whitman.edu/rhetoric/18speed.htm
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