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  1. Who was the previous afore mention question posed to?
  2. How did the tournament this last weekend go?
  3. I fail to see what the big deal is, so somebody read an invitation, if there is something that needs to be hidden in the invite why was it put in there in the first place? Second how are they gonna really enforce a ban on spreading and besides that how many judges don't already penelize for spreading on the arkansas circuit? Not many. the only reason i can see putting this in the invite is to kind of protest the way some debaters spread. As such i think it's merit can be considered but shall have no considerable impact on the way the tournament is run or judged. Ideals for judging are not gonna change at the door.
  4. First off. the monticello tournament was not cancelled it was postponed until next weekend. Second, please forward the petition to me through derek he has my address. Derek = fire of the mist
  5. What petition do you speak of? BTW any of you coming to the Monticello Tournament?
  6. It's good to see some things never change.... Derek go for the the comfotable look, i mean what you got to lose. Who you partnered up with now?
  7. So I won't be at Bentonville, this season is gonna be intense therefore i am not sure how many tournaments i am gonna get to judge. By SMU do you mean Saint Mary's University? If so I do believe they tried IPDA last year.
  8. I might have argued a week long camp is too short yesterday but tonight i heartily agree that a week might not be long enough to lecture and form files. I am not even gonna lie, this is a lot of work. I wasn't offended by the posts previously stated, just a little frustrated with the situation. Any other possible recommendations out there? We are a growing camp and it is plain to see that as we progress from year to year this camp is steadily increasing in quality, but why? Not because we have all the answers, but instead because of the ideas others bring us and from lessons learned. If there are any questions or comments out there about ASDI let me know.
  9. As for those who believe that the only in state camp is run by incompetent debaters, here is who is leading our groups. Varsity John Block and me, while Dancer and Holladay are working with the novice. You would be hard pressed to find a Youtube video that is able to CRITIC YOU as well as some of these people. As for a stay-at-home-camp i believe that is a great idea and thought that was what was considered standard prep for the debate season, but i digress. With students from Louisiana and other states coming up here and record breaking numbers as well as a continually bettering staff i feel confident that this camp has the capacity to teach everyone a little something. And just one final thought, If people are going to gripe about how poor Arkansas debate is, how about we support the efforts of the one true camp in Arkansas. It's way easier to criticize than to fix the problem yourself.
  10. Whenever schools decide when they will be holding thier tournaments could a representative post the dates on here? I will have full eligibility next year to judge both novice and champ and will attempt to come to as many tournaments as i can.
  11. We didnt simply use up our judges in prelims. We were short on judges even here. I illegally had to jump in and judge several of the prelims. We had to use every judge at our disposal. We had no choice to put qualified judges in or out, we had to use all. As for out-rounds that sucks, it really does. Nobody likes to loose those of course. Vicki hasn't judged this year that is true, we had mostly dirty judges by that point and I will acknowledge there probably were better judges that could be assigned to that round still yet. I apologize for what is considered an unfair round. I am honestly surprised Vicki didn't take it as seriously as she should have, according to this testiment. If it means anything at all, I apologize to you. You are a kick ass debater and anyone who denies that simply hasn't seen you debate. I would really like to possibly look further into the possibility of hiring judges, right now Cross-x is being forced to transform into IPDA style of slow talking and is drifting away from what the national circuit stands for which i disagree with strongly. For example, in one of my rounds i had a team ask my paradigms and i told them to spread. To give me all they got because i wanted to see a great round of CROSS-X debate and they couldn't go any faster than any average person could read! If anyone has any more suggestions for TOC i am fully willing to listen and try to get them applied for next year. Key word TRY.
  12. I do not know who claimed that Arkansas judges are as qualified as those on the national tournament, but as i have stated before and will again, in most of the rounds we assigned what judges we had. We can only assign the judges teams bring, if debaters don't like the judges and don't think they are qualified bring better judges. Of course i am refering to the arkansas TOC throughout this post. Congrads to the national bid guys!
  13. hate to say it, anyone heard of the University of Arkansas in Monticello's Fighting Weevils (the terror of the south!)
  14. poverty w00t....what camps you all going to?
  15. Guys on the judging issue, i tried my absolute best to get in there and judge. I was denied the right to judge champ finals, i only hope the rounds i did judge aren't the ones being complained about. Thompson didn't flow in the round i judged with her with as much as she used to, so i agree with that conclusion.
  16. ok derek, i see where you are coming from now. Changes need to be made, but also the team needs a figure of leadership. We have degraded etter until she is viewed as nothing more than a scapegoat. Still she will be the one there to outlast any of us, therefore i think we should seek to give etter more knowledge and respect.
  17. On the judging issue, which instances is the above post refering to? I would like to just put out there two items for consideration: 1) We were drastically out of judges and were assigning them as we had too 2) Every year people complain about the judges, yes they are not always the best, yes judges sometimes vote incorrectly. But really it doesn't matter what tournament you go to even out of state you are always gonna have bad judges. The only real problem i saw was the break releasing. Which i can understand any and all mal-content about.
  18. Ah thats a little harsh, lol. I have made that statement before and have been proven wrong. But yes i will concur sometimes i have seen people whom at least appear to be about as worthless as a broken tool, but really every debater brings something unique to the table. But still hilarious non-the-less.
  19. We have a saying for this, "Silence is compliance." I think that says it simply enough. I actually believe instead of making broad encompassing statements that a line by line approach is superior, and instead of repeating the argument for every situation it applies simply say flow across argumentation from "insert here". This in my experience keeps things clear and prevents opposition from claiming dropped arguments .
  20. Yes i didn't mean to offend, and never believe another debater is a tool. I was very impressed by all the debaters i witnessed this weekend, and truly believe that absolutely every individual debater earned their place at the tournament of champions.
  21. I apologize for not remembering every name, i am recalling as much as i can. I figure when a member asks a question they expect as much of an answer as possible as soon as possible. So therefore i offered as much information as i possessed. Don please proceed to add to the information given. I know for a fact a lot of the breaks were from your own school and therefore assume you know your breaks. I am sure we would appreciate that. If the wording offends please forgive. I do believe you were a partner of Anda correct?
  22. on the etter question, you will have to wait for fire-or-the-mists but i have no clue.
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