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  1. The results are very pleasing, a few more votes and we could have had two South Dakota moderators. VP_Fritz is probably rolling over in his grave...
  2. LAWL...yeah right dirose...i thought foucalt was your homeboy
  3. well you are the golden eagle...with one goes the other...
  4. I'm probably going to GWU next year, I was wondering if anyone knew anything about the debate team. I'm touring it next weekend, so I can probably ask by then, but does anyone know if they still debate???
  5. rowling wrote the books after the became famous for the money...not for the storyline or any other bullshit
  6. In South Dakota, there have been many speculations of different teams across the state. Since the begining of these rankings, one team has remained dominant all year. That team being Simon and Holkesvick of AC. However, we are entering the second part of the year and many teams are attempting to make a splash now and gain momemtum going into the NFL Qualifying Tournaments. More importantnly, teams are trying to make an impact at the State Tournament later in the year. Yes, we are going down the home stretch and the fight is just begining for the State Title. Here are some of the pregame reports for the teams who will be battling this weekend in Sioux Falls at Silver Bowl: AC - Simon and Holkesvick and currently ranked 2ND in the state. At an out-of-state tournament in Fargo.. A close victory in quarters over a weak Watertown team make this team beatable. Other teams from AC attending this tournament are't confirmed. Probable Varsity teams include Girdihar/Heirings and a combination of other policy debaters. BHS - The undisputed number one team in the state right now is the duo from Bobcat Country - Kerr and Aadland. Huge 3-0 stomping of Simon/Holkesvick at Bell and a 4-1 preliminary performance there - great pick for this weekend. Wang/Hirschoff are probable. SFR - Thompson/Gildemaster have not the momentum in their favor all year. Inconsistent performances all year make this team one of the sleepers for the second half of the season. SFL - Hosts of the tournament, they traditionally pull their teams from semi's. Still watch out for Dunn/Miller and Bacharach/Wang to end the weekend for a promising team trying to make it to the top. VHS - What do they put in the water in Vermillion? A team no name of sophomores simply known as the "boys" have defeated WHS's Dirose/O'Hara not once, but twice at the Fargo Shanley tournament. Miller/Gutzman have been praised by the SDDR since the begining of the year and represent the future of the policy debate in South Dakota. Of course, they have a great example to follow with 4. Barton/Telleria. Not to mention the expertise of their coaching staff who dedicate alot of time to making the Vermillion program one of the best in the state in their division. WHS - 5. Dirose/O'Hara have been somewhat consistent all year, but their days could be numbered with two other top teams in the Northern District with AC and BHS. If this team can make a run for the Silver Bowl, they could finally silence their critics. WHS's second team, confirmed, is Thompson/Culhane and the third team Farber/Otto. YHS - Brilliant tournament at Bell, with a semi-final round appearnace, 3. Friedenbach/Hussein are easily one of the up and coming teams for the second half of the season. SDDR PREDICTIONS: Battle for the Future VHS Miller/Gutzman v. BHS Kerr/Aadland SDDR predicts a battle of the rising stars in South Dakota debate. A team of sophomores versus a team of battle hardened juniors. This will be an epic final round. Good luck to all the teams across the state, and have a safe journey to Sioux Falls.
  7. Ulysses

    Silver Bowl '08

    Pregame will be out later tonight. Rankings are only given out after in-state tournamnets. Look to the 12/19/07 rankings after Bell for the current rankings.
  8. The desk of the SDDR has been flooded with anxious messages and well wishers for the holiday season, I would like to thank you all for the encouraging comments, espicially the ones that have encouraged me to keep posting, thanks. But lets get to the rankings for this week, following the beat-down at Brooking Bell, the South Dakota Debate Circuit has a new number one team: 5 - Dirose/O'Hara (WHS) - A 4-1 performance with a victory over Thompson/Gildemaster of SFR. Didn't make it to semi- rounds because of speaker points. 4 - Barton/Telleria (VHS) - Semi-final appearance with only one loss going into break rounds. This team has been consistent all year, they will be one of the teams to beat down the stretch. 3 - Friedenbach/Hussein (YHS) - Victory over Simon/Holkesvick and a semi-final round appearance. 2 - Simon/Holkesvick (AC) - Prelim loss to Yankton and took a 3-0 beating in finals. 1 - Kerr/Aadland (BHS) - Victory in final round with a 3-0 decision. Have been ranked in the top three all year, and they are only juniors. On the bubble: Thompson/Gildemaster (SFR) - 3-2 performance, still a competitive team. Dunn/Miller (SFL) - Unofficial results at the Blake Tournament, but they have been the team to beat in the Rushmore District. After the break, watch out for this team.
  9. This weekend, policy debaters from around South Dakota will be competing at the Brooking Bell tournament. The holidays are approaching fast and the Bell tournament will be an epic one for many teams. The competition in South Dakota has never been more competitive, so let's get to the pregame report. AC's #1 ranked Simon/Holkesvick remain undefeated in final round ballots and have only one loss this year. Look for them to be the favorites going into break rounds. SFL will be competing in Blake, no updates there. Sioux Falls Roosevelt's Thompson/Gildemaster will be making the trek to Brookings, they have showed poise in previous tournaments, but have never broken to break rounds this year. Vermillion will be sending Barton/Telleria. This team started off strong at Roughrider, but have never made it to break rounds this year. Vermillion will also be sending two-time JV Champions Miller/Gutzman, this team is one of the bright shinging stars of the future, and their entrance this weekend at the Champ level will be their pivotal proving point. Watertown's #2 ranked Dirose/Ohara will be coming off a weekend in Dowling. They look to make a run for the Championship, but we'll see if they can finally silence their critics once and for all. Yankton sends #4 ranked Friedenbach/Hussein. They haven't debated to expectation this year, but could they be playing all their cards, or are they saving them for later? Brookings #3 ranked Kerr/Aadland have remained consistent all year and have also come off of a weekend in Dowling. This team will be a force to be reckoned with this weekend debating on their home field. SDDR FINAL ROUND PREDICTIONS: Kerr/Aadland (BHS) v. Barton/Telleria (VHS) The home team will be the number one favorites this weekend, and Barton/Telleria will finally get a chance to prove their strength. Good luck to all competitors.
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    I don't even know that person. Making accusations like that without proof is unwarranted.
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    Uglyman claims to be of the "Ayn Rand Institute" yet has no understanding of her critical views, and he is in Public Forum. Need I say more?
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