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  1. Where did David's stash of over $20 grand come from?
  2. I am extremely disappointed that KCKCC got knocked back to a finals bid, I find that decision quite puzzling.
  3. No Public Forum TOC bid this weekend?
  4. @Dylan - Yes, Shane is being insensitive and referring to the homeless in Vegas. @Tanner - Although it certainly increases the ability of large squad schools to prepare, it helps the smaller schools by a far larger level. Because a lot of the "big" schools run pretty out there affirmatives (and I'm referring to national circuit teams, like the slum dwellers aff, etc.) that a small school might not have a strategy for, this gives an edge of preparation for those affs. It also rewards research and preparation during the week for those who may not be as technically skilled in round but do a great job blocking out arguments and coming up with killer strats. The wiki to me is slowly becoming accepted like aff disclosure used to be. It used to be that some teams would fight to even mention what their aff is, and getting a plan text was out of the question. The world of debate now versus when I debated - with camp files freely available online and affs also being available - is far better, far more inclusive, and makes it far easier for schools to get a program going. I know, I had to start Millard West's program from the ground up - with just two debaters. It would have been near impossible to do that without the support of other schools even five or six years ago.
  5. Hey guys, sorry I haven't been around ... but I have a good excuse: Say hello to Annabeth Leigh Royers. She was born on Valentine's Day at 10:20 am. Clocked in at 7 lbs 1 oz and 19 1/2 inches long. I'm taking just a short amount of time off this month, so I'll be back in action for NIT, Districts, and State. Then I get 6 weeks of paternity leave (thanks federal government!). -Tim
  6. I apologize my debaters did not reply to this request. They are still running Midwives for now, but may be breaking new at Blake.
  7. Okay, let's talk the options for next year. Option 1: Military Deployment Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially reduce its military and/or police presence in one or more of the following: South Korea, Japan, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iraq, Turkey. Option 2: China Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its economic engagement with the People’s Republic of China on one or more of the following issues: trade, economy, environment. Is it just me - or is the second option horribly worded? How does the US increase its economic engagement on the issue of economy? How is that really distinct from trade?
  8. Just a heads up guys - look for a slightly larger policy pool at the West tournament - we've got entries from Valley, Indianola, and CR Wash. A little regional variety to mix things up it seems.
  9. I've heard "this is not a debate round" so many times it's not even funny. But I will say this: when your wife is pregnant, that is NOT the time to get in a policy-esque debate. There is no rationality whatsoever, and you will simply end up digging your own grave if you continue to try and debate her.
  10. Hey from the Brooks! First, congrats to Fremont for getting to finals at South! Scrubs are 2-2, dropped to Edina and Blake A (Pretty sure it's Blake's A, they have a bid) in some close rounds. I didn't get a chance to talk to Westside after third round started, so all I can report is that they were 1-1 going into round 3. I'll post more tomorrow.
  11. Thanks guys. We'll get that plan text to you if isn't there already. In related news ... Glenbrooks has mutual preference judging for the first time ever AND you fill out your prefs online. It is wonderful!
  12. The general standard is to have your aff posted, it is understandable if you don't have a neg strat up there. Since I've heard you all run the same aff at both Indianola and Lincoln Southwest, I would say it wouldn't be too unrealistic to have that posted.
  13. Millard West will have the Scrubs, Mutants, and the novice boys. Wonder Twins will not make an appearance until the Millard South tournament because of other obligations.
  14. Thanks everybody, and I want to echo the congrats to Tyler. I was very impressed in the rounds I judged him. I also want to thank South and Westside, its really cool to see the Nebraska schools banding together and helping each other out with flows/strats/etc. before rounds. I heard Greg won't be @ LSW this weekend, but we'll see everyone else this Saturday!
  15. All 4 Nebraska teams that broke picked up their doubles round. BIG congrats to Westside, Millard South, and Millard West. Octas tomorrow.
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