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  1. I have a full Baudrillard K file if you want it pm me.
  2. Thanks, that sounds like a interesting atmosphere to have debates.
  3. I am not sure if this is the right forum for this but. My partner and I qualified for CFL this year. We have only been to Glen brooks and Emory but we were wondering what kind of arguments people would run. We had been told that CFL is more traditional (i.e. no Kritiks) by some but others that it was Similar to Glenbrooks/ Emory.
  4. There is also new evidenc saying that 50 billion dollars will be given to pl 108-25 , the article on the news was practially the Wake plan text but people will still be running aids/malaria affs most likely.
  5. You can write Generic blocks to any poltics senario so that if they say plan hurts polcap blocking fta you read your increases polcap block. THen if they say boosts polcap alowing for the fta which is bad you read your plan decreases/ has no effect on block.
  6. The impact to GGR is human rights and less Aids solvency, there should be plenty of evidence on the aids and human rights violations. for FTA U-Mich produced a FTA bad file if that is what you are looking for.
  7. I would agree with Tomak, just make a private group on Scribd and post your evidence on there.
  8. Yeah, I was kinda looking for it so I could T their plan and go over the warrants in their evidence for holes and such.
  9. Since that one closed, do you try to make the k that the aff does not say "fuck" so they are being discriminatory against people that do say "fuck"?
  10. Hey, I am kinda new here but I was wondering if anyone had a copy of the Samford Water Aff. When you download the free camp files there is the case neg to the Aff but no Aff side or plan text. If anyone has the Affirmative side of the Samford water Aff that would be a big help. I have some growth da blocks to trade but not much else. -Thanks
  11. Don't run just oncase as neg. And, as aff run a case with more then 1 advantage.
  12. For me, going to camp helped alot. Because there you have teachers that know what they are doing and will show you how to debate before then make you.
  13. Warezxxx

    debate textbooks

    At Emory camp they gave out packets on how to debate. But, you can just as easily read that on the internet.
  14. http://www.hindustantimes.com/StoryPage/StoryPage.aspx?id=86407e95-3d03-4e36-b8d1-9ede20af2f6f&ParentID=bc7e0031-4d84-4fcc-ac5b-3eafd53b9afb&&Headline=Behind+the+Climb+Down here is a new article talking about 123 india
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