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  1. Sandesh Kataria(Stuyvesant High School)- attending Harvard and debating for sure!
  2. I am looking for people who can judge varsity policy at Lakeland Feb 26-28. Email me at sandeshkataria@gmail.com if you are interested Thanks Sandesh Kataria Stuyvesant High School 2010
  3. u sure there is a list available on JOT? cause i cant find it- can u send me the link nick?
  4. Kyle, or anyone help me out here. I cant make a decision between Gonzaga 4wk or Miami of Ohio 5wk. Which one is better?
  5. sandman

    NY States

    stuy has 5 jv teams and 2 varsity teams coming
  6. 6. Stuyvesant HR 7. Stuyvesant MG -Alternate 1
  7. Does anyone have any information on this years DDI 4 week camp and scholarship information?
  8. sandman


    will there still be a JV breakout?
  9. how good is this camp in comparison to like michigan, msu, northwester or like ddi? also how good is the faculty?
  10. I went to SDI as a rising sophmore last year, it was a great experience. The best part is you get 2 tournaments and a bunch of practice rounds. At the same time, you will also do a decent amount of research. The lab leaders are pretty good too
  11. sandman

    Newark '08

    Stuy's coming- mainly varsity
  12. sandman

    Regis CFL

    werd anna, stuys sending 4-5 varsity
  13. Whats the best way to go about this case? especially what kind of counterplan should we run
  14. sandman


    you are right biznathc unfortunately we couldnt find sufficient judging to send all the sophs on our team as Varsity
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