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  1. We don't have planet debate access I have Muse that I borrow from a college students account. Others in this thread are right, ask people if they have access to articles or post article requests in the forums on cross-x. Most competitive teams wont rely on planet debate files to save them all the time. It's not files u need, its articles you should be cutting yourself. Also the planet debate files that you have to pay for, someone did the work for them, and wants to make some cash. I don't see why they have to give them out for free. It's like expecting other teams to do all that hard work to cut a file them self and then having to give it to everyone else.
  2. hi my name is Jasdeep Sandhu and a senior at Redlands high school. I will be attending U of Akron next year and im trying to figure out what the Ohio policy circuit is like/what high schools are involved/college programs in the area/and if any schools are looking for coaches? Thanks
  3. policykid27b


    octas: 10 Kansas SK vs. 26 Towson CK 8 Kansas QK vs. 9 Texas CM 6 Missouri State FK cs. 11 Michigan ZG 5 California BJ vs. Towson JM 4 Whitman College CS vs. 13 Gonzaga KM 3 Oklahoma WG 17 vs. 14 Kentucky GG 2 California BP vs. 15 Baylor CM 1 Texas-Dallas BR vs. 17. Idaho State JJ From http://globaldebateblog.blogspot.com/2010/03/sweet-sixteen-at-ceda-nationals.html
  4. 2AC: "on their Oil Disad...NO" (then moved to the next flow)
  5. policykid27b


    Doubles: (1) Nwstrn Fisher/Spies (2) MictSt Lanning/Wunderlich (3) Mo St Foley/Kearney (4) Wake Crichton/Sears vs. (29) IdahoS Jennings/Johnson (5) Oklhma Giglio/Watts vs. (28) Kentuc Gautam /Gentile (6) UMW Kallmyer/Susko vs. (27) GSU Grace/Schaller (7) Emory Inamullah/Weil vs. (26) Nwstrn Gregg/Lee (8) UTD Baker/Rubaie vs. (25) Baylor Cook/McVey (9) Cal Brockaway/Jaswa vs. (24) Iowa Stone/Vint (10) Georgi Cambre/Lacy vs.(23) Texas Cauthen/McNeil (11) Harvard Jacobs/Parkinson vs.(22) Whitman Cohn/Straus (12) Trinit Bankey/Hart vs. (21) Baylor Luppes/Rooney (13) Michig Liu/Zagorin vs. (20) Emory Gordon/Jegadeesh (14) Kansas Kennedy/Stone vs.(19) Wake Carlotti/Maza (15) Kansas Kennedy/Quigley vs. (18) Nwstrn Blumenthal/Friend (16) WestGa Boykin/Schultz vs. (17) Emory Nikolic/Swenson Octas: 1. NU FS v. 16. West Georgia BS 8. Cal BJ v. 9. UTD BR 4. Wake CS v. 20 Emory GJ 28. Kentucky GG v. 12. Trinity BH 2. Michigan State LW v. 15. Kansas KQ 7. Emory IW v. 10. Georgia CL 3. Missouri State FK v. 19 Wake CM 6. Mary Washington KS v. 11. Harvard JP Quarters: 1. Northwestern FS v. 9. UTD BR 2. Michigan State LW v. 7. Emory IW 19. Wake CM v. 6. Mary Washington KS 4. Wake CS v. 28. Kentucky GG
  6. This is actually something that a lot more people need to take seriously. DON’T skip breakfast. During your sleep, your body uses up a lot of the carbohydrates/energy you have left over from the day, for its different functions while you sleep. So when you wake up, you don’t really have any fuel to work off. Eat breakfast so your body has energy to use and burn, so that you can function well.
  7. thanks Adrianna! That means a lot and john, im not sure why you would classify revolutionary aesthetic as not an argument, not even cause it wins round, but because of the fact we call you kids out for the way you engage in debate, not wanting to have that debate, is just weak sauce.
  8. hey so redlands will send 2 claremont will probably have 4, they usually do ill find out, and get a hold of you
  9. hahaha he made sure to let me know when he read this
  10. darren, u need that mao card to answer the those dirty debaters in our area
  11. go for nietzsche against CPS PY, they totally wont see that coming
  12. the sole difference between novice and varsity IEs is, varsity will have kids who have been doing the event for 2 plus year, and probably better then what you have seen in novice round (aka in varsity everyone should be memorized, people should sound like the flow (speaking wise) better) in extemp, there is no difference, i would expect them not to let u use any notes during ur speech in varsity, so u should take a couple of mins of ur prep, to just memorize ur facts/sources-also for the last 5-10 mins of the perp time for extemp, try to give ur speech, to urself, so u will feel slightly more comfortable with it, instead of feeling rushed into it and now (these will apply to both OO and IX) things to do as a novice 1. make sure ur memorized 2. dont give a speech (ur OO topic) on something because u SOLELY like it, think about it, does my 40 year old soccer mom judge really want to hear/care about what i have to say 2b. also if ur doing something generic or common like media influence on society, try to give some new analysis, cause ive sat through OO rounds, and heard the same points every time from different people 2c. if ur doing something like abortion or gay marriage, realize not everyone shares your same view, i.e. your judge, so present both sides o the argument, and adresss those that go against you (i haven't seen this done enough*, even in varsity but i think its something that can help people go really far) 3. look presentable (aka get ur parents advice (as much as we dont like it) on dress clothing, instead of showing up in a tie dye dress shit and orange dress pants) 4.for your OO, have ur English teacher go through ur speech cause they are probably one of the better people to catch mistakes u overlooked, like sentence structure 5. practice giving it, cause u want to sound confident and like u really have a grasp on your topic (cause that alone will def put u up a place on ur judges rankings, over someone who may have really good points, but isn't as good as conveying them (which is to bad, but its speech, and u have soccer moms) hope that helped feel free to ask more question, cause i do HI /OO/IMP/DX a lot
  13. from what ive heard (cause im not there) semis: damien vs SDA honors academy vs la costa
  14. i have a paper copy, if u have any questions
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