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  1. there is this one school who is at every tournament that i go to and they always have an Ipod full of techno on an Ihome and blast it until they post the schedule. i like techno just as much as the other guy, but not at 8 in the morning till 6:30 at night, thats just techno overload
  2. i find immigration to be quite interesting, but that could be because it is a HUGE issue in my native California and not as big in most other non-border states and Energy is.
  3. what are all these Ks and Ts?? in totally new to this debate thing.
  4. i was recently in my first tournament and i was the 1AC. I had never deated before in my life, i dont thinkg i adressed all stock issues in my 1AC. so my question is How do you adress all the stock issues in yor 1AC? Do you say Topicality....ect, like that? please help.
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